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SONEs, just who are they?

Well, according to snsdkorean’s “Soshictionary”, the term “SNE – [pronunciation: so-won]” is used to describe “

People of all ages who found anything unrelated to So Nyuh Shi Dae (SNSD) totally irrelevant. Note: also written as “So-One” or “SONE” because inserting the heart symbol can such a hassle thing to do.

Now, considering that the aforementioned group, “So Nyuh Shi Dae”, refers to a group of drop dead gorgeous girls as seen in the following picture…

One would be forgiven for making the assumption that the said group of people who are referred

to as SONEs would primarily consist of MALES. Fan boy “dongsaengs”, “oppas” or even “ahjusshis” who shout “GEE GEE GEE GEE” in unison at the sound of “Listen boy”

However, this assumption would be highly inaccurate. Being an SNSD fan girl myself, I know for a fact that there are many female SONEs out there, and that we are a force to be reckoned with. ^_^


The picture speaks for itself. There are a lot more female SONEs out there than people think.

#2 Have you ever heard of the pterodactyl fan girl? Or rather… have you heard the pterodactyl fan girl? Well, if you’ve watched any SNSD live performance as of Oh!, you probably would have. (During Sooyoung’s lines, you will hear a distinct high pitched ear piercing scream.)

Amazed? I was… amazed that I didn’t notice it earlier! Talk about dedication, the pterodactyl fan girl is so consistent that even SNSD knows about her!

Q: Speaking of female fans, Sooyoung, do you know that person? The person who screams in an extremely high pitch when you sing your part. (laugh)
Girls’ Generation: We all know her. (laugh)
Jessica: Shouting! (laugh)
Sooyoung: She once came to one of our birthday parties. So as a joke I said I hadn’t been able to pay her yet for her cheering this month. (laugh) I once laughed while singing my part because her cheering was so funny. I look forward to singing my parts these days because I wonder how much she’ll cheer for me everytime. (laugh)

#3 Fan girls in Japan.

This fancam says it all, girls go crazy over Soshi

Furthermore, numerous female Japanese celebrities have shown their love for SNSD, which has already been previously covered on snsdkorean.

In a recent interview with Star News, the topic of Japanese fan girls was brought up again.

Q: Japan has so many girl fans, what is it like?
Tiffany: We heard that the president of the Japanese fan club was a girl as well. Of course, it is not easy to gain favor of girl fans. We feel happy when a lot of girl fans like us and copy us when they see us.

Speaking of fan club presidents or equivalent, people would have probably noticed that the founder of snsdkorean is… Boss LADY, while half the staffers here are female. 😀 Plus! Soshified’s founder is… you guessed it, not a man. =.= lol xD

Naturally, some people would attribute SNSD’s phenomenal success to the numerous amounts of SONEs. Which eventually lead to a record breaking 9 consecutive #1 wins on KBS Music Bank’s K-chart.  Just what makes SNSD so “formidable”? The number of fan boys they have? So are fan boys really more dedicated? Are fan boys > fan girls? The answer… NO! While fanboys are not > fan girls, neither are fan girls > fan boys. It is because SNSD appeals to both fan boys + fan girls that right now is truly “girl’s generation”. (Pardon the lame pun)

*My overall analysis is purely based on my own opinions and should not be taken as factual  🙂

Bonus macro…

(It may be slightly PG13 or whatever, but it made me LOL so hard) xD

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By: MintChoc@snsdkorean