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Almost exactly three years ago, on 2nd of August 2007, SNSD released their debut single: “Into the New World”. Who would’ve thought that they would literally literally take us into the whole new world?


A pretty picture from three years ago. ^^

You know, the world where the word “mushroom” is no longer merely a type of fungus, or where the word “genie” is not the magical spirit who grants wishes of its beholder? All these words that once you go into the SoShi world, they’d have a whole different meaning. In the spirit of SNSD’s 3rd anniversary which only couple days away, we tried to compile these words into a SoShi-dictionary! Go check it out~


Aegyo 1) Cutesy act that mostly done by making cute baby-like voice. 2) The thing which Sunny excels at; she would be so cute that you’d like to punch her… affectionately. 3) The thing which Choi Sooyoung excels at; she would be so cute that a wood would be broken and you’d insist to take her to hospital for a checkup – just in case she ate something wrong.  4) The thing which the rest SNSD members claim to hate yet they equally possess explosive amount of it.

Sunny's Aegyo
Alligator – a large, hard-skinned reptile that can open its mouth as wide as Im Yoona when she laughs.

Yoona's alligator laugh

Amajjing – the word that Kim Taeyeon used to express her amazement.

Black Pearl [Korean: heukjinjoo] Kwon Yuri.
Non-SNE: Hey do you know Black Pearl is making a comeback after the long hiatus?
NE: What? But Kwon Yuri never leaves…
NE: Gee, you’re such a SNE! I’m talking about the 4-member girl group Black Pearl who also debuted in 2007!

Bug – [Korean: bulle] insects which Tiffany Hwang despises, hence the Operation SUBSTRACT.

Byuntae – Korean for “pervert”, it’s not a coincidence that the word is highly associated with the acclaimed pervert Kim Taeyeon, thus coined the term ‘ByunTaeng’. The word “byuntae” is also often associated with the others SNSD members for their highly suspicious actions.

Butt – [Korean: eongdungee] the body part which is Kim Taeyeon’s favorite weakness. SEE ALSO: Byuntae.

Chocolate – 1) A type of love. 2) One of the best shows in Soshi history.

Choding – Korean slang for “elementary-school kids” which are Kim Hyoyeon and Im Yoona; can also be applied for Kim Taeyeon and Lee Sunny since they’re as tall as elementary school kids.

Cucumber – [Korean: oh-ee] a long, thin, green vegetable which Jessica Jung despises; thus the war declaration against it.

Dancing Queen Kim Hyoyeon.

Danshin 1) Vertically challenged. 2) Kim Taeyeon and Lee Sunny, who get called short just because “the others are abnormally taller” than the two. 2) Jessica Jung, Kim Hyoyeon, and at times Tiffany Hwang when the three of them couldn’t deny that they’re indeed belong to this team.

The Height Order

SNSD's height order, sort of.

Deer Im Yoona. Technically it supposed to be a “doe”, but still.

Eye Smile – 1) Tiffany’s ability to melt your heart. Other members with high proficiency in this skill: Sunny

Devil1) Super playboy that fools around. 2) The one that better run run run for messing with the girls.

Forever – The word that comes up every time the girls are asked about how long they think SNSD will last.

Gee1) The title of SNSD’s epic mega-hit song from their 1st mini-album, released in January 7, 2009. 2) An expression of surprise, enthusiasm, annoyance which “commonly used in the US of America”. 3) Vintage t-shirts and (usually colorful) skinny jeans.

Genie1) Military-themed outfits. 2) Nine pairs of flawless legs. 3) Hacky sack dance. 4) Alternate / English title for SNSD’s single소원을 말해봐 (Tell Me Your Wish)” which was released digitally on June 22, 2009.

Girls’ Generation – English / international name for nine-member Korea top girl-group, So Nyuh Shi Dae (SNSD) [So-nyuh = girls, Shi-dae = generation]. The only thing that relevant. SEE ALSO: So Nyuh Shi Dae (SNSD)

Gorjess The word that describes the beauty and attractiveness of Jessica Jung.

Hwaitaeng – Taengoo’s version of Hwaiting!

Ice Princess 1) Jessica Jung. 2) According to Kwon Yuri though, Jessica is now a warm ice princess. In other words, the ice has melted.

Insole – [Korean: kkalchang]. A piece of material that you put in a shoe to make the Danshins (namely Sunny, Taeyeon, Jessica, Hyoyeon, and often Tiffany) looks taller than their average height of 155 cm.

Jangshin Vertically gifted people who born with long, slender legs; namely Kwon Yuri, Choi Sooyoung, Im Yoona, and Seo Juhyun. Responsible for bringing up the average height of SNSD.


Look at dem long legs~