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With the official news that the girls are preparing for their debut in Japan soon, many fans are excited. Certainly, fans are overjoyed that the girls are going to be promoting in a different country besides Korea and getting closer to conquering Asia. Among those fans who are overjoyed, is the Japanese former singer from the group, C-ute, who left the group in 2009 and has now become a model, Umeda Erika.
Umeda Erika appears to be a huge fan of the girls as she recently posted about their girls’ debut in Japan on her blog:

She posts:

Finally, Erika’s love love love love love SNSD has decided to have full-blown activity in Japan~

I heard in August they’re doing their first Japanese event at the Ariake Coliseum ^^ ❤

I’m absolutely going! ^^

Also in September, Universal Music plans on selling their debut single!

I’m absolutely going to buy it! *_*

Ever since finding this out this morning, I’ve been SO happy, I screamed loudly, “YAAAY! <3”

Everyone, let’s support SNSD together!



translation source: kanki@soshified.com

Not to mention that she also posted about the girls earlier in April on her blog with a picture of her holding the girls’ “Oh” album.
Must I say that I am happy to hear that not only are the girls already getting support from their fans on their debut in Japan soon, but now we also know even people in the Japanese music industry like Umeda Erika, are giving their support as well. (Basically, UMEDA ERIKA GOT THEIR BACKS! jk :]) Though it is not certain whether the girls will be promoting short-term or long-term (like BoA and DBSK), let’s anticipate their debut!

Source: Umeda Erika’s Blog, Soompi, Soshified


Also brought to attention by Mahna Mahna below in the comments, Meg, another Japanese singer had also tweeted about the girls before.
One of her tweets:
She is an ardent fan (; I love her!