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LOL, I noticed the title would make you think it’s about Yuri since it’s her birthday today, but….

On the recent episode of “Star King”, Taeyeon serenaded a bit of the song, “You Were Born To Be Loved”* and it is so…WOW! BEAUTIFUL! SWEET! HEART-WARMING! *INSERT OTHER WORDS TO DESCRIBE HOW AMAZING HER SINGING IS*!

Below are also more cuts from the “Star King” episode —

At the moment, these are the 2 from the episode that have surfaced and some that have been uploaded on Youtube, were unfortunately removed. When more are found, this post will be edited so please remember to check back.


* “You Were Born To Be Loved” is said to be possibly a song of singer Lee Soo Young and a Gospel song

Source: aslotuss34, SNSDlivenew4, & lifemodes @YT + sica_jjang@soompi