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[the title is a rap lyric from “50 cent – in da club’]

* birthday post part 1! IMAGE AND VIDEO HEAVY!!!*


It’s not exactly the word you would use to describe SNSD (the epitome of Korean bubblegum pop) when you look at songs like “Kissing You,” “Boys & Girls” or even “Oh!”

But when music videos like “Genie,” “Run Devil run” and “Hoot” release, who does everyone lock their eyes on first?

YoonAlligator.  ByunTae Yeon.  Jessicat.  Tipupny.  Soo YoungISHUNGRYAGAIN. Hyoraengi.  Sunny Delight.  MMMMMaknae.

LOVE ME! It's my birthday~!

Great guess! Kwon Yu Ri.

And what is it about Kwon Yu Ri that everyone can’t help but stop and gawk at her extraordinary long legs,

vicious s-line,

voluptuous curves,

sexy dance moves,

charming personality?

Two words: hip hop.


You heard what I said: HIP HOP.

Past the witty persona, energetic spirit, and beautiful appearance lies the true reason why she’s called “The Black Pearl.”

It’s ’cause baby girl is ghettttttttto. (I ain’t madatcha.)

/Taeyeon’s voice: Ah. ah. Mic check. Ay yo. Now introducing “The Black Pearl’s” 3 Elements of hip hop.

Yuri-McFlurry-M.C. Extraordinaire

Yuri showcasing her graffiti skills:

I bet this drawing will sell big bucks on eBay..


(Download SSF’s Girls Go To School HyoYeon episode to see Yuri and the rest of SNSD’s artistic drawing side)

And last but not least, the reason why she puts the “hood” in sisterhood (Soshi bond).

My favorite sandwich a.k.a. the Hoot Gold Elevator

Keep it real Yuree-ah.  Keep it real.

(Your stalker unnie is watching you.)

One more link for the Yurisistables: