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I don’t think you guys can tell from her backside, but it’s Linda Chung, a famous TVB (Television Broadcasts Limited; major HK television station known for tv series) actress from Hong Kong.

The actress is known for her roles in TVB series, “Virtues of Harmony II”, “Forensic Heroes”, “Heart of Greed”, and “Moonlight Resonance“, as well as her singing talent .

I grew up watching TVB series and Linda is one of my favorite TVB actresses. I’m honestly really surprised that she listens to SNSD and even has their latest mini-album.  Who knew she was a SONE! It goes to show how international the girls’ popularity is.

Source: SsLRulZ@YT + chichinhu@Twitter

Soofany here! ….Ok normally I keep my fangirling in the comments section but Linda Chung?!?! This is too much! -Squeals- I CAN’T BELIEVE SHE IS A FAN OF SNSD TOO!!!!!!

Just like ferroro, I grew up with watching TVB series. Linda is one of my favourite actressess too. I didn’t like her characters in “Moonlight Resonance” and “Heart of Greed”, but she did an excellent acting job in both. My favourite series with Linda would probably be between ”A Journey Called Life” and “Ghost Writer.”

Linda joined TVB when she was only 19 years old and maintained her first-line actress status to this day. Just like our girls, Linda is considered ‘young’ in the industry. She is (still) the youngest A-List/first-line actress in TVB. Almost all the actors and actresses who worked with Linda mentioned her as ‘respectful’ and ‘obedient’. (It’s rather amusing, really! But I guess she does seem young by their standards.)

Recently, there has been a trend of TVB actors/actresses entering the singing industry, and out of all the females bunch, I believe Linda is the most talented. Infact, the song that ferroro posted is the reason why I started noticing and hoping she would enter the industry! She had plenty of good songs, but my fav is probably the duet between her and Steven Ma… the song is sooo sad but it really showcased how well they can control their vocals.