Our ladies participated in the recording of the third episode of KBS Night Star recently and the broadcast had been aired yesterday.
Check under the cut for the videos,along with some translations.

Part 1 :

5:03 – 8:02

Eunhyuk asked SoShi whether they think they’re more popular than KARA in Japan. (In comparision)

Seohyun was chosen to answer the question. (Of course she came out with a spectacular answer)

Seohyun : Instead of comparing us, KARA and SNSD are Korean girl groups right? So having Korean girl groups receiving recognition in Japan is something to be proud of. And also, there are different people who like KARA and different people who like SNSD.

MC (Jokingly) Right, so the question is who has more people (fans)?

-SoShi and MCs laugh-

-SoShi talk about Japanese fans-

Taeyeon : There are some Japanese fans that really express how moved they are, you can see it on their face, they even start crying.

There was this one fan that came to me and was suddenly grabbing onto their back while crying. I thought that person was hurt! But it turns out that person wanted me to sign their back!

Yuri : At our first showcase, there was so many people that looked just like us in the audience. There were many people who cosplayed us; from the color of our hair, to our shoes; they matched each member. To the right you’d see “SNSD” from 3 years ago! To the left, there was a group of “SNSD” from just three months ago promoting RDR! Seeing that, I felt the love and interest in us.

Part 2 :

0:44 – 1:36

-They talk about pre-debut SoShi/ The first time Eunhyuk met them-

-First member is Yuri-

Eunhyuk : For Yuri, the first time I saw her she was mimicking a dinosaur. She was practicing her impersonation. In our office, every weekend she’d be practicing her impersonation.

(Everyone cracks up)

YoonA tries to clarify that they practice impersonations which include dancing and singing.

Eunhyuk : That might be true for other people but Yuri was impersonating a dinosaur!

2:03 – 2:50

YoonA changes the topic : Aside the dinosaur, Yuri also impersonated the “get up!” phone CF with Jun Jihyun.

(Yuri then reenacts it, everyone cracks up again. Yuri is embarrassed, lol)

3:08 – 3:25

-Next member is YoonA-

Eunhyuk : For YoonA, she hasn’t changed all that much. YoonA is elegant, quiet, and…has no friends (he says it jokingly).

Taeyeon (commentary) Because she’s always with her unnies.

3:44 – 3:54

-Next member is Sunny-

Eunhyuk says he doesn’t have anything to say about her in a way to tease her because she’s Lee Sooman’s niece (which becomes a joke in itself).

Part 3 :

5:21 – 7:09

Sooyoung’s talks about the “hardships” she faced when she was still in Route 0. She had to go to places and audition/appeal to them and even had get there on her own. Now in SNSD, the schedules come to her instead and the car is ready out in front for her.

In retrospect, those times before SNSD has made her more humble and more thankful for what she has now. Back then, since she was alone in the process and had to go through it alone, she feels the value of her members now.

Jessica says that Sooyoung always says she is thankful to the members and everything.

-Onew asks if they have nicknames in Japan. Sooyoung explains that they have different phrases instead.-

Sooyoung : I’m Sooyoung who likes to ride rollercoasters

Jessica : I’m Jessica who likes looking at fashion magazines

Hyoyeon : I’m Hyoyeon who dislikes people who don’t reply to my text messages

Sunny : I’m Sunny who likes pudding and jelly (snacks)

Taeyeon : I’m Taeyeon who hates tests

YoonA : I’m YoonA who hates and is scared of ghosts

Seohyun : I’m Seohyun who likes healthy foods

Yuri : I’m Yuri who likes taiyaki and takoyaki

Part 4 :

8:31 – 9:38

-Hyoyeon’s drunkenly hitting maknae comes up again, lol-

MC : I heard Hyoyeon hits maknae when she’s drunk because she’s too cute

(Taeyeon does a light hitting action)

YoonA : I wish she’d only hit like that!

MC: Ah, does she do this? (Does elbow and underarm hitting action)

(MCs do more hitting actions; laughter)

MC : OUR MAKNAE, OUR MAKNAE, OUR MAKNAE! (as he pretends to knee someone repeatedly)

(SoShi ROFL)

Gil : Dang, you must really think she’s cute!

YoonA : Hyoyeon is seriously a typical drunk. She’ll tell you her secrets and everything!

MC : After this is over let’s go for dinner!


YoonA : She’ll (Hyoyeon) will knock you on the head in frustration! It was so scary one time that I ran to my room and locked the door! And unnie doesn’t even remember it!

Seohyun : YoonA unnie and I were hiding in the locked room but we heard Hyoyeon gradually walking towards the room, so I quickly pretended I was sleeping so I wouldn’t get hit again!

Part 5 :

0:01 – 3:13

– Gil asks about YoonA’s drinking habits-

YoonA (to the other girls) Do I have any?

Taeyeon : I haven’t really seen you drink all that much…

YoonA : Yeah, I don’t really drink too much but I do think that I start to talk louder.

Yuri : When I saw her, she was drunk but she kept on saying “I’M REALLY NOT DRUNK, REALLY!~”

(Everyone laughs)

YoonA : I really wasn’t drunk though~

Yuri : She just kept saying “I’m not drunk, I’m not drunk~”

MC : What about you Yuri?

Yuri : I don’t really drink…

Sunny : Yuri is…just listening to her talk, she does the same thing too!

Her way of speaking slightly changes and says “I’m not drunkkk~”

MC : So YoonA and Yuri…those two…

(MC’s imitate them drunkenly saying “I’m not drunk!~”)

Yuri : When we’re at our dorm eating dinner, we’ll drink a little.

Jessica : Just us…

Taeyeon : Our fans gave us champagne and wine as presents.

YoonA : At my ‘Coming of Age’ day, a fan gave me a box full.

Onew : And you drank it all?

YoonA : No!


-Drinking topic continues. They talk about an incident with Seohyun-

There was a time that they were playing a drinking game and Seohyun lost but she really didn’t want to drink it. Hyoyeon told her that she has to be a good sport about it and take her hits, so Seohyun reluctantly drank it while crying.

YoonA says that they told her that she didn’t have to drink it since she was so against it, but suddenly Seohyun left the table and went to her room. The others were worried and were like, “what should we do?” then suddenly, the door opened and Seohyun walked out crying (wiping the tears from her eyes) and drank the glass (there wasn’t much alcohol in the glass to begin with).

(Sooyoung does a funny impersonation of Seohyun)

Seohyun explains that when she came of age, she learned to drink with her parents but she never experienced drinking with the unnies. She really wanted to happily experience it with them but it was her first drink. And so, she was really worried about whether to drink it or not even though they kept on pressuring her to drink it. So she drank it because she felt that the fun atmosphere was dying because of her.

(Jessica then agrees that it did die down because of her, lol)

6:51 – 8:07

-Question: Which member would live a good married life?-

Jessica : I choose Sooyoungie! Sooyoung always dreams of being married.

Sunny : If there’s cute baby shoes or something, Sooyoung worries that it won’t be around when she really has a baby, so she buys them!

(MCs are surprised)

Yuri : We went to a store with pretty hairbands and accessories but she bought couple cellphone charms for her future boyfriend. But that was like, how long ago?

Sooyoung : I still have them in my drawer!

Yuri : I think it’s been like past 3 years now…

Onew : So when you meet him, you’d give them a gift for everyday it seems…

Yuri : She’d give all her love

Sooyoung : I’d seriously give all of my love, so where are you?

-MC’s suggest a short message to her future lover in her drama impersonation-

Sooyoung :  WHERE ON EARTH, ARE YOU!? (너는 대체! 어디있는 겁니까!)

Part 6 :

Part 7 :

The ladies really had fun laughing it out in this episode.
While waiting for it to be fully subbed,enjoy the translated parts.

Credit : CrazyCarrot360@Youtube
Translation : Nincomboob@tumblr
Arranged by zheming@snsdkorean