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Name: Kwon Yuri.
Birth: December 5, 1989 (Sixth oldest member in Girls’ Generation).
Height: Somewhere between Seohyun and Yoona depending on hair style and heel height.
Bloodtype: AB (Pink variant – extremely rare)
Languages: Korean (fluent), Engrish, Japanese, Chinese, Kkab (Doctorate).
Known for: S-line, dancing, and open heart.

But what if she wasn’t a member of soshi? Let’s take a look at some of the alternate and less stressful careers that the girl could’ve taken up.

Yu might be a… Bear Tamer?

An Attractive Air Guitarist – Because there’s a world championship of the darn thing.

cr; YulsSicTV02@youtube

A Sexy Composer/Lyricist – Because you know Mistake ain’t no Mistake. Don’t you wish for more songs with lyrics by Yul and the members?

cr; iheartkpop32123@youtube

A Hot Yoga Instructor  – Because that’s how you make guys attend Yoga lessons.

cr; TheJaydragon@youtube

An Adorable MC – Because she would be amongst talent regardless.

A Delicious Looking Cooking Chef – Because there might actually be time for the culinary arts if she wasn’t constantly traveling, performing or sleeping with some girl named Yoona. (Sleeping as in.. resting of course…)

A Flirtatious Reporter – Because who else would provide Yoochiri with news?

cr; FeverNac02@youtube

A Smoking Model – Because those curves could even make potato sacks a new fashion trend.

A Charming Baseball Player – Because no batter would be able to focus on hitting the ball… regardless of gender.

A Steamy Backup Dancer – Because some company failed to recognize potential.

cr; MyYuri1205@youtube

A Singer – Because a voice like that still sounds great regardless of idol status.

cr; daengkhao@youtube

But all of these career paths would be if Yuri wasn’t a part of Girls’ Generation, which we know can’t actually be possible (because even in an alternate reality they’d be fated to be together). Besides, she got the chance to be a little bit of everything mentioned above as a member of Soshi, and will only continue to venture on various side jobs as the years go by.

Happy birthday to the girl with loads of potential to be a variety of roles, to the girl that can not only boil water but also melt pots with her hotness, to the girl with a big heart that is loving to both soshi members and sones alike.

Happy Birthday Kwon Yuri!

by: greeentee@snsdkorean
Special Thanks: Ferrerorocher9