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Japanese music shows on youtube are like SNSD first-press albums; get to it fast because they’ll probably be gone soon.

It’s been over two months since Shoujo Jidai released their first Japanese single, and now we’re finally able to see the Japanese ‘Genie‘ performed live! The outfits a flashy and detailed, and the girls are just stunning. Although it’s unfortunate that Tiffany can’t be there, the others managed to fill in for her with Yuri‘s husky voice matching nicely and Jessica upholding Tiffany’s tradition of changing her lyrics. Although I have to say Tiffany’s adlib echoing around on the backtrack in the BGM upsets the performance a bit…

However, Tiffany’s presence is not forgotten however, as the members mention her at least three times throughout the interview.

Sunny, “We miss Tiffany today but we will try our best.”

Taeyeon, “We really miss Tiffany but eight of us will try our best on stage.”

Sooyoung, “We miss Tiffany today but I think we performed well.”

The girls repeated three times “We miss Tiffany!” during Music Station.


Get it while it’s hot!

article; procrastinatoress@snsdkorean
source; sunnymoeshane@YT, SNSDlivenew@YT