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Lee Yeon-hee has just revealed her photos taken with our girls and other fellow members under the SM family,just before their departure to Los Angeles for the SM Town Live’ 10 concert as well as during the afterparty itself,through her Cyworld mini homepage. Check them out as followed!

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Innisfree had just released two really high resolution photos (5400×3600) of Yoona.

Next,do you guys remember Ock Joohyun? She was a former member of the idol girl group Fin.K.L,and whom our girls look up to as a role model as well as a “mother”.

Just to refresh you memory,here’s a short subbed cut by Soshified showing how close and intimate they are.

*Updated* Apparantly she met Jessica at a book store in Japan,and she had released some photos as well as a video through her Twitter page as seen below.

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