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Undeniably, the girls’ 1st showcase concert (<–click for pictures and fancams) in Japan was a total success. According to various Japanese news articles and Soshified, SNSD, “the K-POP girl group with great legs” (as the articles put it) held their showcase concert at Tokyo’s Ariake Coliseum on the 25th with thousands of fans in the audience. As you may know, those fans received invitations to attend the showcase with the girls’ First Press Limited Edition DVD, “New Beginning of Girls’ Generation” and it was said that an estimation of 22,000 fans would be attending the girls’ showcase. However,  about 7,000 fans were at the first showcase. Apparently, the sex ratio at the concert was 80% and 20% male.

At the 1st showcase, the girls performed 5 songs (Genie, Oh, Run Devil Run, Into the New World, and Gee). Fans were said to burst into cheers when the members did something with just the slightest effort. Sooyoung, at one point and while smiling, said in Japanese, “I’m really happy that there are this many people who came to see our first live in Japan.”  The girls witnessed the pink oceans as the venue was filled with pink penlights/glowsticks during the showcase and were moved by the sight. The pink is really pretty!”

Taeyeon spoke about that their first Japanese performance, “We’re nervous, but since we prepared really hard, we hope you enjoy it”. Sunny also commented, “It’s the first time we’re meeting Japanese fans, it is very significant”. Sooyoung spoke with fluent Japanese that was appealing, “I’m happy so many people came. We’ll do our best in Japan, so please cheer for us!”


With that being said over 7,000 fans attended the first showcase, many fans went home and wrote about the showcase. Here are some of the fan accounts that have surfaced and have been translated.

DJ TORA (A 33 year old DJ) —

SNSD has arrived!
Finally my summer vacation memories have started. lol

SNSD was amazing♪( ´θ`)ノ
I’ve gone to heaven!

Posting from my iPhone.”


Oguri Kaori (A 39 year old actress and model) —


I’m at SNSD’s concert right now. It should start any moment now! There are so many girls here~ Girl power★I’m looking forward to this! When it’s over I’ll report again!

I’ve returned home from the concert.
I liked that they’re CUTE & SEXY
SNSD = A generation for girls?
I’m HAPPY that more and more girl power is flowing through Korea and Japan and worldwide ❤
Boys lose!
Hwaiting = Ganbare
Marebwa = Itte mite”


Takegawa Ai (A 21 year old Singer/Songwriter signed with AVEX) —


Today I was able to go to SNSD’s showcase ♪
I’ve liked them from before, so I was really excited.
Girls Generation’ AKA SNSD.
They’re having their Japanese debut in September.
Personally my favorite song is “OH!”~.
Even though they haven’t debuted in Japan yet, Ariake Coliseum is paaacked.
We can’t take pictures of the set…
So everyone come to the concert!
Again, AI”


Sashide Mizuki (A 16 year old actress signed with AVEX) —

Today today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lately I’ve been really into this Korean group that I love SNSD and I’m going to their concert with Touko<333
They’re very very very veeeery cuteヽ(*´∀`)ノ
They have thin long legs, tiny faces and these beautiful girls are cute!!!
Their singing is skilled and cute..and their dancing is amazing (//∀//)

These are the girls I admire the most!!
I really admire them (ノ><)ノ haha
I got comments asking who was my favorite before..
I really love all of them, but I particularly love Jessica (^O^)
I still don’t know all of their names..so I need to study them a bit more (´・ω・`)

Also, I wasn’t able to buy any goods (ρ_;)(ρ_;)(ρ_;)
They were sold out! SOLD OUT! Haha
I at least wanted to get a towel! (┳◇┳)

However! ♪♪♪
I was able to see the concert and have become an even bigger fan (^w^)

Also, I borrowed this DVD from Touko ∩^ω^∩

Kyaa! They’re so amazing and so cuuute (>o<)
I want to hurry and see them!!!!!!
That being said, While I head home I still feel really great (w>ω<w) Haha”


Sasaki Moyoko (A 24 year old model) —

“SNSD’s Arrival in Japan

I went to Ariake Coliseum for SNSD’s event.
The event had 6 songs, but they were all their most loved songs. It seemed that everyone was happy.
I danced along to oh! And Gee Haha
They’re all extremely cuuute~
The songs were naturally of good quality and everyone’s dancing was uniform!
Although there all 9 members, all 9 of them are beautiful, have style and each one of them is cute. They’re a really lovely group!
The members’ average ages are low, but compared to Japanese idol groups they’re more adult-like.
Today was my first time seeing them live and my most favorite is Yuri, but still Yoona and Sooyoung are very adorable.
Since they’re all so cute, Ayano and I planning to copy them. Haha
We also want to wear their outfits…
Aja! Aja!


Seo Akiko (A 26 year old Gravure Idol) —

“SNSD Showcase Live

I’ve returned home.
SNSD’s SHOW CASE LIVE was amazing.

It was very short, but live Soshi were goddesses.
I had goosebumps from the beginning until the very end.
This is a secret, but I was actually moved to tears.

Even though they have cute faces, they also have great style. I’m going to try and be more like that.

Oh my oh my.
I’m still excited.
They’re beautiful!
Next month they’re also releasing their single, I’m looking forward to it.
I’m going to take a bath and watch the DVD again. haha”


Kikuchi Ami (A 19 year old idol from idol group “Idoling!!!”) —

I went to SNSD’s concert at Ariake Coliseum!
I finished up my own concert, and finished up my work until the end, then left in a mad dash! *_* Haha

The Showcase LIVE was about 30 minutes and I came in the middle of it, so I only got to see about 20 minutes, but I got goosebumps, they were really amazing…!

They’re skilled at dancing and they’re cute and they have good style…! (*_*)
I also got goosebumps from hearing the fans, which were mostly girls, screaming “KYAAA!!! *_*”

I love K-POP, but I’ve never been able to go to a concert because I’ve had so much work, until now (*_*)
I also haven’t gone to very many Japanese artist’s concerts, so I learned a lot of new things!

The huge venue was dyed pink because of the pink penlight. It gave me goosebumps (<- The 3rd time Haha)

I’ll also do my best!!”


Murata Mari (A 19 year old fashion model) —

“Good evening everyone.
Today I went here!

“Shoujo Jidai” (SNSD)’s Arrival in Japan Commemoration Showcase
They’re so thin and cute~~!! ❤
Out of all of them, Yoona struck me the most and I immediately became a fan. Haha
If they do various Japan activities after this, I definitely want to cheer for them!

I’ll also do my best!!
First, I have to go on a diet! (Haha)
Faito!!!! (Haha)”


Nishio Hidetaka (A 30 year old Comedian known for his love of SNSD, particularly Taeyeon) —

“SNSD’s Premium Showcase
Good evening, it’s Nichamen.
Today 9 angels flew down to Ariake Coliseum.
Their name is SNSD!!
This 9 member group is a big seller in Korea.
But, you all know that, right?

How do I know that? Because I hear people around me go, “Aah SNSD is coming to Japan” “Uwaa Are they really coming? That’s good” “They’re super cute.”
Before, I never thought that would be imaginable.
That’s how much the K-POP boom has come.
That being said, the venue was overcrowded.
The large Ariake Coliseum was full.
Moreover! There was going to be one performance, but due to their popularity there had to be 3.
So, that’s about 3,000~4,000 people?
So they made it 3 times.

This free event was just for purchasers of the DVD, we got to hear them sing 5 songs.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! So short!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really went “Ah!!!!!!”.
The gentle, intense, and SEXY angels only flew with us for around 30 to 40 minutes and then flew away.

Aa I want to see them again!
This time I want to hear “Kissing You”.
It’s no mistake, SNSD is here in Japan!
SNSD Fighting!!!”


Oguchi Momoko  (A 23 year old fashion model) —

“First KPOP
My reward for doing my best today, was getting the best lovely seat right in front of the stage.
The penlights from the guests and the guests cheers really started to build up.
How did you all get so cute?
How did you get those great legs?

I was fascinated by how superbly cute their singing and dancing was.

By the way,

I like the type of girl 4th from the right, Yoona. Hehe

It was fun”


Noro Kayo (A 26 years old former member of AKB48 (team K) current member of SDN48) —

“SNSD Report

After this I’m going to be excited because I’m going to SNSD’s LIVE!

Right now, it’s what generation?!

I went to SNSD’s concert!!
I saw a good one after a long time!!
I bought all of the goods ♪ (Although it was a little embarrassing)
The BayFM staff and myself got really excited!!

SNSD is with Universal Music…
And so is SDN48!
There’s really 37 of us.
Today, I was able to see the concert I’ve been wanting to see!

The door of something inside me opened again today!
Although I love Korean culture please cheer for SDN48 from here on~”

Translated by: Kanki@Soshified.com
Source: [LINK] [LINK] [LINK] [LINK] [LINK] [LINK] [LINK] [LINK] [LINK] [LINK] / Soshified Forums

* Other sources:  Kanki@Soshified.com (translations) +  [LINK][LINK]

So there we have it (; The girls’ first showcase went well and the other two will probably be as well. Let’s congratulate SNSD on their successful debut in Japan!