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Update: the girls are going to have a LIVE performance at Odaiba (Mezamashi Live) for more details here
open: 4:30 | start: 5:00 pm | finish: 5:15 ( only 15 minutes ) D:
With a successful Japan Showcase and Japanese version of the Genie MV under their belts, Soshi is definitely making waves in the Japanese Media. From newspapers to TV news programs, Japan has been dominated by the glory that is SNSD 😛

Japanese Nikkan Newspaper

Japanese Sanspo Newspaper from Sankei

Japanese Sports Houchi

Seohyun is covered by the TV tag again! LOLOL

Mezamashi TV Japan

100825 SNSD on NHK (Japanese News) Unsubbed

And talk about coincidence:

9 TV programs in Japan introduced yesterday’s showcase today!

1 NTV: Zoom In
2 Tokudane!
3 Shiritagari!
4 TBS: Hiruobi!
5 Fuji TV: Mezamashi (and Mezanew)
6 Sukkiri!
7 PON!
8 TV-ASAHI: Yajiuma Plus
9 Super Morning

According to Silis,
It looks like the girls will be performing at Mezamashi Live(outdoor concert) tomorrow at 5pm but the actual tv airing date is unknown


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