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On the 25th, if you recall, Music Bank held the Half-Year K-Chart where there were a bunch of special stages and at the end, the girls were the ones to take home the trophy. However, what sparked most of our attention about the Half Year K-Chart was probably what happened during the idol-filled special stage (cover of Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You”).

Taeyeon was off-key toward the end and according to Soshified and a fan present that day,

A fan that was present at the scene explained, “On this day, Taeyeon, while doing a stage rehearsal, requested for help from staff because the sound in her in-ear (the earphone in her ear) wasn’t playing and she showed displeasure towards the staff after two frustrating recordings.

In addition, “Even though the staff were clearing the stage, Taeyeon, still frustrated, refused to leave the stage.”

Netizens argue, “I understand that Taeyeon is frustrated but I think it was careless of her to be saying those kinds of things on a live broadcast”, “She should’ve watched her mouth”, “A singer just talked about the stage environment, don’t you think these reactions are a little too sensitive?” and the arguments continued with “How frustrated must she have been to have gone that far”, “If the in-ear was indeed broken, Taeyeon’s remark shouldn’t become an issue”.

Translator’s note: It may seem confusing in the article but it’s implied that the staff didn’t fix/change her in-ear, which is why Taeyeon was so displeased. *

And at the end of the Half-Year K-Chart when the girls were giving their acceptance speeches after winning 1st place, Taeyeon made the remark,

“I hope Music Bank creates an environment for singers to do better”   *

This remark eventually caused criticisms and talk to arise among netizens as some felt that what she said was brave, meaningful, and perhaps reasonable, while others may have felt that what she said was not necessary. Though everyone has the right to their own opinion, we would like to share fancams that show us more insight to the situation (thanks to wisekitty who shared this in the “Questions/Comments” section) and ask for people to be more understanding of Taeyeon and the situation as well.

This is a fancam of the rehearsal, where you can tell that Taeyeon literally killed it. Her singing was perfect and on-key so she could’ve done the same on the actual stage. (Also wanted to point out how maknae was laughing at her husband when his voice cracked; adorable! :])

Video credits: victoriaxviii@Youtube

& this is the fancam of the ending, where it appears that the staff/PD signaled for the MC to cut Taeyeon off at 0:15 =/ It may show that perhaps Music Bank’s staffs were at fault and wanted to avoid others from finding out.

Video credits: ohmysica1@Youtube

The actual aired performance and ending segment.

Video credits: UnknownCarrot120@Youtube

Again as stated above, everyone has the right to their own opinion. What is my opinion based on what happened and seeing these fancams? I feel that her remark was appropriate and reasonable. Taeyeon is a perfectionist and rarely do people see her upset. Some people might say it was unprofessional and disappointing of her to say such a remark during the broadcast, but I disagree. In my opinion, she was making a meaningful request in hope that it will be beneficial for artists (not just her, SNSD, but also other artists) in the future. No artists, especially perfectionists like most artists are and who have trained years in singing, would want to make a mistake and go off-key in front their fans (considering that in this situation, part of the reason why she went off-key was because the ear-piece that the staff didn’t fix). Artists want to show their best/sing their best in front of their fans. Don’t you think you would be embarrassed, deeply disappointed, and upset if you made a mistake and part of it wasn’t your fault, but you KNOW you could have done it right. I mean…I would be :[ Put yourself in her shoes or look at the situation at a different angle. Plus, shouldn’t everyone have their right to speak their mind/freedom of speech?

I do hope that what has been said is over and if some people are disappointed in the leader. Please let bygones be bygones :[

(sorry if i rambled too much in this post.)


Article by: Kim Soojin reporter@asiatoday.co.kr
Translated by: Hyunjin808@soshified.com/forums
Original link: [Click]