Don't Blame Us For Your Death

EDIT: Added the official domino’s picture. and btw, that picture of the girls and cakes was for something else, not domino’s. 🙂

Adding onto the amazing list of endorsements, Domino’s Pizza has recently signed a one year contract with SNSD! Kim Myung Hwan of marketing stated that Domino’s new and young image is similar to SNSD’s cheerful image. And since our girls are quite popular with the general public, they’d be great models for the company.

Their first commercial will be aired sometime in July with a theme called “Cook Our Hearts” (cannibalism much?). Look forward to it fans!

Seriously from endorsing the fast food chicken from Goobe and now to Domino’s, these girls might kill the country. Who wouldn’t want to eat the products these girls model for? They make it look just that much yummier 😛 Just remember what Maknae taught us and stay healthy!

See what I mean? Those cakes could be made of glass and yall still wanna get a bite of that. imagine if they modeled for Chipotle…but thats just me.

So how about you readers? Anyone ever tried Goobne?
I’m not a huge fan of Domino’s but if i was in Korea.. 🙂

source: Yeji@soshified.com

Here’s the pic!