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+ Tickets for both nights officially sold-out (as announced by RITS).

+ Added confirmed news from RITS that the Girls will be doing a 2nd show on the 10th of December 2011 at 6pm (same venue).

Yesterday (29/10/11) was the start of the SNSD Concert priority ticket sale for Singaporean OCBC cardholders and Samsung mobile phone users. So, how do you think the ticket sales went ?

Would you believe all 5500 tickets for the event sold-out within the morning itself 😉 ?!!

That’s right, the powerful attraction of our favourite 9 ladies was such that tickets disappeared as soon as official ticket sales opened (think SM Town Paris 2011, SNSD Taiwan Concert 2011) ! The actual time that it took to sell out cannot be officially confirmed, considering ticket bookings were spread over 3 different avenues (phone booking, online booking via the SISTIC website, physical queuing at the 34 SISTIC counters spread all over the island of Singapore), but a good guess would be between 5 minutes to 8 minutes maximum.

Although single tickets were still available for purchase intermittently over the course of the morning, until the early part of the afternoon (just before 1pm, if I am not mistaken ;)), the whole concert was effectively sold-out from the word “go“.

All this has caused a fair bit of unhappiness among Singapore SONEs unable to secure tickets to witness the 9 earthly angels live on stage (especially so since some of them actually queued up overnight outside the ticketing booths, some as early as 19 hours before the official ticket sales start 😉 !); not to mention the many regional and international SONEs hoping to secure tickets when public sales start on 1st November 2011. This, unfortunately, is highly unlikely now :(.

Being at “ground zero”, so to speak, I was able to “witness”, in a sense the frustration felt by the SONEs who failed to get tickets to the event. The RITS Facebook page was literally swamped with comments criticizing the whole ticketing process in general, and the SISTIC system, in particular.

Matters were not helped by opportunistic “SONEs” (NOT) offering to sell tickets (that they somehow managed to obtain) at blackmarket prices (there were “rumours” of the front row seats going for up to S$2000 !).

To that end, credit goes to RITS, who offered the olive branch of a possible 2nd date for the Singapore leg of the Girls’ 2nd Asian Tour, although nothing concrete has officially surfaced yet ;), the matter being highly dependent on SM and the Girls’ pre-planned schedules.

So, for the moment, all the S-SONEs (not to mention the regional and international SONEs) who failed to get tickets can hope to do is pray for a 2nd date to be added.

As for the successful SONEs who managed to secure tickets to this historic event, planning now begins to make sure the 9 ladies’ visit to the sunny island of Singapore is a pleasantly memorable one indeed :D.

*The 2nd show is on (as confirmed by RITS today – see link), so SONEs, check-out the booking details and grab your tickets now 😀 !!!*

**Tickets for both nights are all officially sold. The Girls will be facing a fully-packed Indoor Stadium for the 2 concerts. WooHoo !**

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: SISTIC, RITS Facebook