Being in New York City for SMTown for the weekend meant SNSD had to do the routine promotional stuff like interviews. I can imagine it getting boring due to repetition of questions and that whole grave ordeal of sitting down in a row, nodding your head to the slew of questions, smiling like you want to be there, and the language barrier probably makes it a lot less engaging and more difficult for those other than Tiffany and Jessica to fully grasp what’s actually going on.

That’s why this particular interview made me smile and laugh out loud – my actions actually mimicking our girls’. Lewis Dodley of NY1, or New York One, interviewed SNSD and while at first the interview seems serious as he asks about venturing into the American market and working with an American producer, he suddenly seeks the attention of an ill Taeyeon and unexpectedly compliments her in Korean, much to the surprise of all nine members, resulting in honeyed laughter.

After that, the rest of the interview is pretty laid back. It’s evident that he made them very comfortable and all very involved. Mad props to him for doing his research (seriously, he gets 9000 points for asking them about the tall team vs. short team) and making our girls laugh with his Korean phrases! (For those wondering what he says to the girls, here’s a rather amusing edit of the abovementioned interview with translations in the comments section.)

Another NY1 news report can be read here [video link].

SNSD also sat down with Allkpop and Soompi to answer some questions so be sure to check those interviews out, too!

Thanks to IG and taeyeonfan for the tip!

Source: NY1, allkpop, Soompi