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The popularity of the 9 ladies knows no bounds. A deja vu situation, ala SM Town Paris 2011, rears its ugly head in Taiwan……

With our 9 beloved ladies set to rock the Taiwan Taipei Arena once again in September 2011, computer glitches in the on-line ticketing system have left many Taiwanese fans of the Girls in a huff :(.

Apparently, 20,000 tickets for the 2 SNSD performances scheduled on the 10th and 11th of September were snapped up within the space of two and a half hours when they were released for sale on the 13th of August 2011.

Many T-SONEs believed the concert tickets would have sold-out even faster, if not for the aforementioned computer glitches ;).

Unsuccessful fans immediately registered themselves onto a waiting list, with the resulting number of registrants exceeding 6,000 within 1 day !

In order to grasp the opportunity to catch the 9 ladies live in their 2nd Arena Concert in Taiwan, many fans skipped school, work, and even endured the rainy weather, to wait patiently outside the many convenience stores in Taiwan where the concert tickets were being sold.

Yet, because of the system failures in the on-line ticketing system, a fair number of T-SONEs were left disappointed when they failed to secure the coveted tickets. This caused the fans to lament their bad luck and to comment “some things just cannot be bought with money”.

On the other hand, one lucky male SONE actually said: “So what if I don’t have a girlfriend? It is enough to get a Zone C standing ticket in SNSD’s concert!” 😀

As an aside, one twice unlucky fan (who failed to get tickets 2 years in a row !) actually made a parody of the situation using scenes of Adolf Hitler from the hit German movie “Downfall”, complete with fictitious Chinese subtitles to express her displeasure with the computer ticketing system, and released it on Youtube, garnering a record 200,000 views since last year (with most netizens agreeing with her rant on the matter :)).

Not to be outdone, another unhappy fan did a similar video, using scenes from the same movie, and had the infamous historical figure say: “I became a member (of the concert organizer Superdome) 800 years ago and yet I couldn’t get a ticket but those black market ticket sellers managed to do so!” and “The waiting list has exceeded 6,000 people. Isn’t this too much?” ;).

(Well, let us hope the Singapore organizers of the Girls’ upcoming Singapore SNSD Tour Concert in 2012 take note of this and try not to have a repeat of this unfortunate situation.)

[Update] A 3rd concert date (9th September 2011) has been officially added to the previous 2 concert dates to cater to those on the waiting list. So it looks like even Hitler himself may still be able to get tickets to catch the 9 ladies’ live concert performance 😀 !

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: The Liberty Times, yuh80929@youtube.com, ttx13@youtube.com, www.fanwonder.com