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SM Entertainment has been heavily promoting “The Boys” around the world (Global Generation!) and their latest Facebook Contest has SONEs singing, dancing and editing their way to the top for some very unique prizes!

The contest started on October 20th, and SONEs have been submitting a plethora of user created content and dance covers for the past 10 days.  Once again the global SONE community continues to impress as the internet is being filled with their talent and creativity.  The overall winners in each category will have their videos featured on the SMTown Youtube Page, and will also receive some very unique and personal Girl’s Generation prizes.

For each category (Dance, Vocal, and Remix) there will be three first place winners. The lucky winners will each receive a framed hand print/mold of one of the nine girls, along with a personal message.  Judging from the pictures provided on the Facebook page it appear to be an exact replica of each of the members’ hands.  For those interested in participating in the contest for this one-of-a-kind prize head over to the Official Facebook contest page for more information!  You better be quick because there are only 2 days left to enter.

In addition there will also be a consolation prize in the form of signed T-shirts for three consolation winners in each category to give you guys extra motivation.  Judging criteria hasn’t officially been released but the winners will be announced on November 7th, 2011 (KST).

Just to give you guys a taste of some of the SONE created content I’ve included some entries for your viewing pleasure.

Epitone Remix Entry by EpitoneProductions (“The Boys” Korean Version)

G Sweet Remix by gsweetremixeslives (“The Boys” English Version)

Rock Remix Entry by FallenSuperheroSG (“The Boys” English Version)

Drums Remix Entry by jitrui (“The Boys” Korean Version)

R&B (Rhythm & Blues) Remix by groovej2 (“The Boys” English Version)

Vocal Entry by peuyeumus (“The Boys” Korean Version)

(They also included their Chords/Lyrics for anyone interested and I think all SONEs can dig their shirts!)

Vocal Entry by ucanshine89 (“The Boys” Korean Version)

Finally fellow SK Writer and Soshicast MC, @MAEniac wanted to share one of her personal favourite submissions.  It’s definitely one of the funniest and you have to give some props to the guy for coming up with a great rap verse that can make most SONEs laugh!

Skorp$ by mortalkomedyfilm, Rap Remix (“The Boys” English Version)

I’d like to wish all the contestants good luck and I hope everyone will continue to show support for these SONEs who put in their time and effort for each entry.

Also they included a free downloadable MR Removed (or Acapella) Version of “The Boys” for the contest which can be found on their Facebook page or can be accessed directly by clicking here.  (It is in a WinZip Archive)

Sources: Facebook.com/girlsgeneration

Video Credits: mortalkomedyfilms@Youtube, ucanshine89@Youtube, peuyeumus@Youtube, groovej2@Youtube, jitrui@Youtube, FallenSuperheroSG@Youtube, gsweetremixeslives@Youtube, EpitoneProductions@Youtube