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Do you remember Leon Dario Cabrera (Taiyoroku) who did a speed-painting tutorial of the above photo-image on the DeviantArt webpage ?

Well, our extremely talented friend is back again with his second SNSD speed-painting tutorial :D.

This time, it is done to commemorate the release of the 9 ladies’ long-awaited ‘Echo’ music video. As always, his artistic skills are exceptional, to say the least, and the results are really eye-catching ;).

The following are his comments on his efforts (in his own words):

Fantasy… what a glorious thing…
Hi there, i hope everyone likes this new speed, ECHO is my second Favorite Song of Girls Generation, the new video was cute, and Hyoyeon looks uber cute… I thing this one is going to be my last one featuring all the girls of this awesome group… now now, no worries I´m gonna keep doing another ones… some how is really hard for a total amateur artist, more if you have a flu (by the way is fading away)… if you have any question like always I´ll be happy to answer any…
SNSD ‘Echo’ Speed-Painting
(Total time taken: 21 hours)
All I can say is “Daebak” !!!