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The third installment of Seohyun’s diary series from Issue Daily has been published! She will be releasing 2 more, thanks to the electric response of the readers/viewers of the site. This particular excerpt talks about her experience performing in front of the heavily European crowd, a new one for her.

It’s amazing how strong her writing skills are, and I look forward to reading more from her in the future. Her writing flows very well and she does a great job of conveying her feelings and emotions. I can definitely tell shes been studying really hard, and is living up to the Super Smart Maknae reputation.

Here’s the excerpt written by SNSD’s Maknae:

This is Paris, France, and we are Korean singers, Girls’ Generation.

It is finally the day of the concert! No, it’s not Girls’ Generation’s concert, but SMTOWN LIVE in PARIS! That explains why I saw so many familiar faces. The feeling of meeting all my seniors and juniors who have been busy with their own schedules is really good!

During the SMTOWN LIVE in PARIS rehearsal, everyone greeted each other and asked each other how they were doing. It was so enjoyable and very pleasant for all of us to perform together overseas! Especially since all the seniors and juniors performed on stage with their individual uniqueness and colour. Through this way, we helped to compliment the pros and point out the cons, and it led to the concert becoming so much more meaningful.

Out of all the different special stages, I had the chance to have a duet stage with Super Junior’s Kyuhyun senior. It was so nerve-wracking, but enjoyable too at the same time. I created a meaningful stage in Paris with Kyuhyun senior by singing “Way Back Into Love”. As it was my first performance in Paris, I wanted to make sure that it would be a performance I would never forget.

Kyuhyun senior’s soft and soothing voice is really excellent! Of course he sings well! There was some pressure in having a duet performance with such a senior, but on the real stage, I was very relaxed and happy. Kyuhyun senior tried his hardest to make it easier for me, and as I think back now, I am extremely thankful and grateful towards him. Without Kyuhyun senior’s thoughtfulness, it would have been very difficult. I am so thankful.

It is finally Girls’ Generation’s stage!

When I had been doing the duet performance with Kyuhyun senior, I couldn’t really see the audience very well because I was too focused on the song. However, when I was on stage together with my members, all the people in the audience came into my view one by one. At the moment, it was impossible not to be surprised. Everyone was European and they dressed in really great outfits. Even with just a glance, it seemed like the place was filled with French fans and fans from all over Europe.

Although it was not perfect, the fans were singing our songs in Korean and they cheered for us. I started tearing when I heard them because I was so thankful and grateful towards them. It was a different feeling compared to performing in Asia, and the new feeling struck my heart.

Still, an unfamiliar scene was right in front of my eyes, and until now, I can still remember their various expressions. They tilted their heads, smiled, cheered excitedly, applauded, and then listened to our songs with bright smiles. After each performance, they would rise up from their seats and give us a thunderous applause. It was such an amazing and emotional moment, and I kept repeating in my head, “We are Korea’s Girl’s Generation.”

After the performance of “Run Devil Run”, “Tell Me Your Wish”, “Gee”, “Kissing You”, and etc, I felt like the members and I got a lot closer to the unfamiliar audience by performing passionately. We greeted the audience with our imperfect French, and they in return shouted “Girls’ Generation!” with their imperfect Korean. During this time, I felt like the concert was at its peak.

With music, we became one, and shared a generation heart to heart.

Write up by: Steve

Source: http://www.naeil.com, gayqueenful@soshified
Translated by: typicalharu@soshified