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Can you all guess who’s being featured next in this thread 😉 ?….

Yes, our favourite pair of Soshi members: Taeyeon and Tiffany :D.

Recent images of our dynamic duo have surfaced on the Web and, boy, do they deserve some advertising !

First up: Taeyeon’s new selcas.

Our favourite kid leader recently took these, oh, so adorable, selcas of herself, complete with dorky and cute expressions and posted it on-line.

Entitled “Taengoo’s New Selca TT TT”, it was posted on an on-line community website on the 17th July 2011. Her beautiful features and alluring smiles were adequately captured in these 4 photo images and, this in turn, caused a surge of positive comments from netizens visiting the site.

Messages ranged from “Totally cute!” (from a netizen with the moniker ‘piano’) to  “Taengoo-ah, I love you!” and “You’re really so pretty that I’m about to go crazy!”
Personally, I’m beside myself with excitement as I’m writing this, she is indeed so adorable in these photos 😉 !

Next up: Tiffany’s photos in the Japan Arena Tour Pamphlet.

The new image given to Tiffany in these photo-shots for the Japan Tour promotional pamphlet has garnered its fair share of comments (all positive, I might add :)) from netizens.

With a more mature look being portrayed in the photos, coupled with her inherent beauty (and rather surprisingly, her less than prominent eye-smiles [a Tiffany trademark] in the photos), netizens all felt that her facial features are now more well-defined and that the new mature, sophisticated look really suits her very well.

Coupled with the bright and colourful fashion accessories, plus the stylish clothes worn, Tiffany has managed to project a slimmer, more sophisticated, feminine look to the world-at-large.

I personally thinks she looks awesomely beautiful in these photos 😀 !

Taeyeon and Tiffany JJANG !!!

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: www.mydaily.co.kr, www.news.nate.com, gayqueenful@soshified.com