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Do you want to know how long it took to create this awesome-looking image of our favourite 9 ladies ?

Taiyoroku (Digital Art/Photo-manipulation/Conceptual) recently posted this awesome video tutorial on the DeviantArt website on how this photo-image of our 9 ladies was produced (and speed-painted, no less ;)!).

He had this to say about the effort:


When i hear this song i thing a lot about Castlevania… but thats another history, so i just find out that Soshiefield is having the 4th anniversary, so for all the fans of This group of professional and very dedicated singers… lest see… a Girls Generation Speed-Painting… lest hope anyone likes it… and by the way whats your favorite SNSD song? lest see what we can find XD!

Oh! and for the people that is complying about the girls not laughing enough in the new presentations… Their job is anything but easy, long hours fly late at night, hours of practice new moves and perfect the old ones, been haunted by crazy people even at night… is a full time job and sometimes you are tired or in the effect of some cold, and remember they are girls and is Natural that they are in their “Dais”, and that friking hurt! so you have to understand that!

Well thats all so let see some happy faces…

Yes, let us see some happy faces indeed 😀 !

Presenting the video-tutorial, courtesy of Youtube. Enjoy !!!

[Personally, I admire folks who can conceptualise such natural beauty into a tangible form for others to enjoy. Daebak !]

Oh, yeah, total time taken to produce this beautiful piece of art = 27 hours.

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources:http://taiyoroku.deviantart.com/art/Girls-generation-SpeedPainting-216105396, LeonDcc@soshified.com