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+ Edited with Seohyun’s rumored song

Girls’ Generation Arena Tour 2011 will kick off on the 31st–about 4 days from today. Regarding the tour, there has been some rumors spreading.

[Updated Schedule] 1st Japan Arena Tour: Girls’ Generation Arena Tour 2011
▶ Osaka @ Osaka-jo Hall
May 31st – 06:30PM
June 1st – 06:30PM
▶ Saitama @ Saitama Super Arena
June 4th – 05:00PM
June 5th – 04:00PM
▶ Tokyo @ 1st Gymnasium of Yoyogi National Stadium
June 17th – 06:30PM
June 18th – 05:00PM
June 28th – 06:30PM (X)
June 29th – 06:30PM (X)
▶ Hiroshima @ Hiroshima Green Arena
July 2nd – 05:00PM
July 3rd – 04:00PM (X)
▶ Nagoya @ Nippon Gaishi Hall
July 6th – 06:30PM
July 7th – 06:30PM
▶ Fukuoka @ Marinemesse Fukuoka
July 17th – 07:00PM
July 18th – 04:00PM (X)

(X): additional concerts
(schedules could change or can be added more)

Cr: mossy@Soompi, DC, Sosiz

According to Chichinhu@Twitter, the list of English songs the members are rumored to sing are:

TaeNy – Lady Marmalade (by Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya, Pink)

Jessica – Almost (by Tamia); it’s rumored that Jessica will also play the piano during her solo stage.

Yuri – If (by Janet Jackson)

Sunny – 3 (by Britney Spears)

Yoona – 4 Minutes (by Madonna ft. Justin Timberlake)

Sooyoung – Sway (by Pussycat Dolls)

Seohyun –  Stuff Like That There (a song that Kelly Clarkson sang in American Idol, original by Betty Hutton)

Hyoyeon (unknown at the moment but are rumored to be of Rihanna)

Though the rumors may or may not be true, I thought it’ll be fun to post it up and ask our readers, what do you guys think about the song choices? (;

I personally like Britney Spears’s ‘3’  and I love Kelly Clarkson. I hope the girls will sing some of these rumored songs.

Sources: Chichinhu@Twitter + hotchocolatelove@Soompi