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Other than being one of the five basic tastes and a term of endearment, Sweet, is also the name of a Japanese fashion magazine. With that being said, the current issue features Shoujo Jidai looking very “sweet” indeed.

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Ok ok, I take that back. Some of the girl’s are actually looking quite fierce, but nevertheless, all of them exude mass amounts of gorgeousness irregardless of how they look, and I just love the outfits that they’re wearing (nice one stylists).

Also, remember how YoonSun were spotted filming for an episode of Running Man? Well, a preview was recently released, giving us a taste of what to expect when the episode airs on the 17th of this month.

And some new candids from the shoot:

Wa! Sunny and Yoona look amazing in casual attire. I can’t wait to see, what no doubt, will be a very entertaining episode.

Credits: pubsquash@soshified, ♥Nadine@soshified, cantthinkofaname@soompi, percy84100@youtube; pictures as tagged.