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Shoujo Jidai, have once again made history for being the first foreign artist to win the “Best Pop Video” award for “GENIE”, at the Space Shower Music Video Awards in Japan.

Danshins on top!

Hosted by Space Tower TV, the awards ceremony celebrates the best in Japanese music television much like the MTV Video Music Awards, and for the girl’s to beat out J-Pop hard hitters such as AKB48 and Perfume and claim the best pop video award, says a lot about their popularity in Japan.

Congratulations to the girl’s and best wishes for their ongoing success in the country.

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This news prompted me to re-watch the Japanese GENIE PV.  Care for a refresher anyone?

New Vita500 promo shot:

Short but sweet message of support for a Coway GHP event. OTP shippers prepare yourselves…

Credits: Yurui912@twitter, kwangdongpharm@twitter, cedrych@youtubem99k49af@youtube

Tidbit: What an odd name for an awards show.