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A few weeks ago we mentioned the rumor of a possible SNSD appearance on SBS’ Running Man. S♥NES will be pleased to know that on April 4th the rumor was confirmed when Sunny and Yoona showed up to film the episode! Details on what you can expect from the upcoming episode as well as photos from the set under the cut!

Running Man’s PD, Jo HyoJin, said on April 5th regarding the SNSD members’ participation in the show, “If Park Yejin were to provide a family-like atmosphere, then SNSD made all the male members happy because they are idols.”

In the corner known as “Find The Guests” the rules saw a slight change; instead of having the members search for guests, Sunny and Yoona had to locate the members. The switch-up will add some excitement and new flavor to the show. In the next corner the audience will witness an outbreak of psychological warfare between Sunny, Yoona and Song Jihyo as the three are separated into different teams and love lines develop. Jo Hyojin PD stated, “Not only Song Joongki, but also Gary was also strongly affected by SNSD. Unlike the male members, who were all excited, Song Jihyo seemed to be alert all the time. We finished the recording on a happy note”.

Following the actual recording, on April 5th a couple of photos surfaced on portal sites showcasing the girls’ natural beauty and laid-back fashion sense.

This Soshi-rific episode of Running Man will air on April 17th.

I personally don’t think there’s enough YoonSun in the entertainment world so I’m especially excited to catch this episode!! Who else is excited? Where my YoonAddicts and Sunshiners at?

credits: fanwonder.com, oneaegyo@deviantart

written by: plotbunny@snsdkorean.com