I’m sure some of our readers are wondering where some of our SKE staffers disappeared to or why updates have been slow lately and we feel it’s important that we address this issue.

Unfortunately, a large number of us have been going on hiatus due to personal matters, with many of the staff living very busy lives outside of the blog. The school year is coming to an end for college and university students in North America, and many of us have turned to focus on our school work with finals around the corner. For those in the Oceania and Asia region.. then you know it’s also time for mid-year exams on that side of the world. Regardless of the situation, we know that we’ve been slow with news lately, and as members of the blog, we’re the only ones that can be responsible for our lack of updates.

On behalf of the staff team at SKE, we would like to apologize for the slow news recently, and we hope that our readers understand.

Please continue to support us, we’ll continue to update when we can! We should be returning back to normal after the next little while~

ps – We’re hiring.