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Due to the horrific events that have taken place in Japan, S.M. Entertainment has made the decision to postpone the second ‘SM Town Live in Tokyo’ concert, which was scheduled for the 9th and 10th of April, at the Tokyo Dome.

S.M. Entertainment have released an apology to fans along with the following statement on their official Japanese website:

Future schedules, refund procedures, information and other announcements will be made available on SM Entertainment Japan’s official and mobile websites. On behalf of SM Entertainment and its artistes, we pray for speedy recovery and restoration of the affected areas.

It is completely understandable, why S.M. Entertainment would postpone the concert. Not only is Japan in the process of recovery and restoration, but concerns for power supply and the impeding threat of radiation is reason enough to postpone or cancel any large-scale event. Not to mention that it is also appropriate, out of respect for the victims and their families of such a tragedy.

I wanted to add also, that at this point in time, it is unclear whether or not SNSD’s scheduled ‘1st Japan Arena Tour’, will continue to take place in May. With things the way they are in the country at the moment, I’m assuming that we should expect the same outcome for these events too.

For now, let’s just pray for Japan’s recovery effort and please continue to pledge donations via Soshified or directly through Red Cross.

Source: http://www.smtown.jp/news/23-news-news/156-smtown-live

Credit: fanwonder.com

Tidbit: S.M. Entertainment has donated $1 Billion KRW (approx. $880,000 USD) to the Japanese disaster relief through Red Cross.