Some of you may remember fellow SONEs lamenting on the fact that there was only one performance for the track “My Best Friend“.

Remember this?

Well, here comes good news!

Although SNSD’s “Hoot!” promotion period ended a while back, a ‘Behing the scenes’ video of SNSD practicing the choreography to “My Best Friend” has recently surfaced on the internet! Also with ferrorocher9’s recent post, I’ve had “My Best Friend” stuck  in my head for the past few day so this video came as a pleasant surprise. 🙂


A couple of GIFs from the video…

TaeRi ❤

SooTae ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂


Personally, I enjoyed watching the practice video more than the actual performance. 🙂 Seeing the goofy/dorky side of the girls just makes me anticipate their comeback 10x more. Although saying that, my favourite SNSD MV is “Himnae/Way to Go”… 😛 To each his own… to each his own… ^_^


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