Following on from Day 1, it should come as no surprise that the second and final day of ‘SMTOWN LIVE in PARIS’ was just as EPIC as the first!

Hit the jump for the pictures, fancams and fan accounts!

I just came back from SMTown Paris part 2. OMG, I was standing about 4th row and I had my Yuri fan and pink lightstick. So at one point Yuri came to my side, saw my Yuri-fan and waved at me, I started crying hysterically and she left for the other side. Then half a minute later she came back and saw me crying because she pointed at me earlier and then she looked at me for like 10 seconds straight and did this crying move with her hand like ‘aww you’re crying’ and I started crying even more    she kept looking at me crying. And the rows int front of me didn’t know what was going on and they all looked back to see me crying [sooo embarrasing!! one boy even started to film it TT]. OMFGGG I still can’t believe it!! Yuri saw me omgggg T.T


Fan account from SMTOWN June 11 2011 :

It was so much intense ! So much SONEs !!! Soshified was present ! Pink LT were there =)

Seohyun failed to speak French, she’s so cute, really, she needs help from Sooyoung but indeed she laughed because of her cutie maknae ❤

Last night, girls were more energitic ! It’s very INCREDIBLE ! And OMG so much FANSERVICE, especially Sunny, Sooyoung and Yuri ❤

I did my best to sing fanchants hahaha I will upload my pictures and videos later ! Where Minho was, Yuri was (I’m MinYul shipper xD).

Now, I can understand why people said Yoona’s beauty shine, she is very very GORGEOUS !!! I was surprise by this lol

Taeyeon was so cute with her “MERCI” x10 at the end. She did this with a cute voice, very clear like a child who begin to speak ^^ Her voice of course, left people speechless ! Like on June 10, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung and Sunny have the most of cheer. Jessica and Tiffany really enjoy themselves. Many JeTi moments last night.

ALL GIRLS ARE REALLY BEAUTIFUL, seriously !! I’m very proud to be a SONE, and I will be for my entire life hahaha My sisters cried, I cried. Finally, we can able to seeing them in person. Our dreams come true and we’ll not forget this concert.

At the end, it’s JIGEUMEUN “SO NYEH SHI DAE” !!!!

Ppyong !


And that’s a wrap! The next ‘SMTOWN LIVE’ concert is scheduled for September the 3rd and 4th in Tokyo (originally April 9th/10th), at the Tokyo Dome. For now, the girls’ will be heading back to Japan to continue their Arena Tour.

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