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With SNSD heavily into all manner of promotions, SONEs would be pleased to know that various promotional pictures of the girls’ from websites and magazines are popping up thick and fast!

The latest sampling for your viewing pleasure after the jump [PICTURE HEAVY].

First up, a fresh batch of pictures from Coway:

The new one from Vita500 (time for a wallpaper change anyone?):

For the YoonAddicts, the latest Innisfree promo shots:

SunSica for SPAO:

Magazine scans (those beautiful Dior promos and more Innisfree shots of gorgeous Yoong):

Finally, to top off, here’s Yuri checking out some new kicks:

Sources: Coway, SPAO, Innisfree, Kwang Dong Pharm, Dior, yurui.kr

Credits: silent_scream@soompi, Tetsuya9@soompi, LeafGreen@soompi, and cantthinkofaname@soompi for the pictures.