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In the final chapter of the SNSDKorean Birthday Post Trilogy, there are still a number of things one could discuss about Miss Choi Sooyoung:

After you point out just how CRAZY this certain member of So Nyuh Shi Dae can be, you can make remarks about her height because upon first impression, it’s not difficult to see why she is the tallest member of the group:

5'7"/170cm - 65% legs

You can argue in awe about how she can out eat the rest of the members anytime, anywhere and with anything, ultimately and deservingly claiming her the title of SNSD’s shikshin:

You can talk about her being the original Soshi prankster, always fooling the others when the opportunity arises, and then having a laugh about it later when all the girls’ come together:

Sooyoung @ her “Bullying Best”

Indeed, all of the above together with those already widely examined by the SNSDKorean Research Institute, are to name but a few of the many fascinating attributes that this charming young lady possesses. However, there is one very special trait that makes our beloved Sooyoung shine above all else…

Quite often when I watch videos of the girls doing interviews or receiving awards on stage, it stands out for me, and probably for many of you as well, that Sooyoung IS one of the “voices” of SNSD. Like Taeyeon and Tiffany, she has the composure and confidence to take the lead when addressing the media, answering all manner of questions, and always with an enthusiastic attitude:

Well… Except for maybe this one time:

Damn it Gi Kwang! Why must you make our Sooyoungie fluster?

The fact that her Japanese speaking proficiency is the strongest of the nine, having debuted in Japan before becoming a member of SNSD, and as a requirement right now more than ever with their Japanese cross promotions, also confirms her status as one of the vocal representatives of the group:

She is no stranger to the “frequent” acceptance speech either:

What amazes me though, is that beyond her exterior, beyond that high level of confidence, lies the most beautiful of hearts. A heart that is so grateful for everything and thankful to everyone.


Each and everyone one of the girls are forever indebted to their fans, us SONEs. They are always appreciative and respective of our support. It’s difficult for me to recall an acceptance speech where they don’t mention their fans, and Sooyoung is no exception to this fact. When it comes time to thank the fans, whether holding back her tears or just letting them flow freely, she does so with absolute grace, so much so, that you can tell that her praise comes straight from the heart. It’s impossible to miss. You can see it. You can see it on her face, in her eyes. You can hear it in her voice… The genuine appreciation and admiration that she has for us fans.

Sooyoung @ 3:21

And as much as we the fans appreciate all of this, HER appreciation does not finish there. She also never fails to thank all those who have guided her, given her the opportunities necessary to become who she is today. Through her faith, to God, she continually gives her thanks and praise. To her real life family, her parents and older sister whom undoubtedly would have sacrificed so much for her; to the managers of SNSD and the staff of S.M. Entertainment, her seniors and juniors, Sooyoung will always be thankful.

Sooyoung @ 1:48

And who can forget? Her closest friends, her members, her sisters… Whom without there would be no SNSD, just as well that there would be no SNSD without Sooyoung. She doesn’t need to thank them. She knows, as much as they do, that all their years of hard work, that the accumulation of their blood, sweat and tears, and that everything that they have been through together as a group, the achievements and recognition that they have earned as SNSD, are their thanks to each other.

What I couldn’t do alone then has become possible because I’m together with these eight. They all became even more precious to me. – Choi Sooyoung

There are things that can only be understood by SNSD members. No matter how many times we tell everyone that we’re not jealous of each other, and we don’t really fight, even if we do fight it will end the next day, they don’t believe us, whenever they ask questions like that to us, I would like to tell them, “why would u ask if you’re not going to believe anyway?” Unless you’re SNSD you’ll never know. – Choi Sooyoung

But of course, all the amounts of thanks and praise one can give would mean nothing if one doesn’t mean it from the heart…  We all know however, that Sooyoung means it… And just how much heart she really has.

No, our dearest Sooyoung, on your birthday, it is us, your SONEs – who thank YOU and wish you a very joyous 21st.

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Written by: mikechi@snsdkorean