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On the recent episode of SBS “Strong Heart”, our golden-hearted Sooyoung shared a heartwarming love story of Park Seung-il. As you might have already known, Park Seung-il used to be a part of South Korea’s national basketball team before he’s being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease which paralyzed his entire body. Sooyoung is known to visit him frequently despite her busy schedules and she even once recommended a book written by Park Seungil on Starcall before.

Park Seungil had said that he’s very thankful to Sooyoung, but Sooyoung herself said that she’s more thankful to him because she’s able to learn more about love through the man and his devoted girlfriend. On “Strong Heart” Sooyoung revealed the touching story,

Basketball player Park Seung Il has had Lou Gehrig’s disease for the past 8 years. I heard he liked SNSD, so I went to see him. The disease had advanced to such a state that he could only move his eyelids. He started fluttering his eyelashes when we went, and his girlfriend said that it was him showing a cute hidden talent. His girlfriend is currently looking after him by herself.

She is Park Seungil’s first love. They were destined to be together even after Park Seungil went abroad to study, became a basketball coach and later married someone else. After he was diagnosed with the disease, Park Seungil decided to file for a divorce. After that, his current girlfriend looked for him and managed to find him. When they finally met, Park Seungil asked ‘Would you be with me?’. She agreed and she has been looking after Park Seungil for 5 years now.

After seeing their love, I began to think that love was devotion. They never lose hope. He always says that when he gets up, he’ll marry her.

When I see him, I became comforted, so I want to thank him. He says he’s thankful to me, but I’m more thankful to him.

What a heartwarming love story ;__;
All the best wishes for Park Seungil and his girlfriend!

Recently, Yoona also came along with Sooyoung to visit Park Seungil as seen on the pictures below. If you’re wondering, all the pictures of Sooyoung visiting him were uploaded by his girlfriend to Park Seungil’s cyworld/fan site.

They’re such beautiful people inside and out. ❤

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