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Now I know what you are all thinking…. “Just which crazy one am I referring to? All of SNSD are crazy” 🙂

Answer? …


Yup, not just “a crazy one”, but “THE crazy one”. SNSD’s very own Happy Princess Choi Sooyoung… aka Shikshin (God of Food)/ NaSoo (interrupter)/ DJ Syoung/ Choi Jangshin (the tallest) and Piggy Sooyoung. 🙂

February 10 is just round the corner and SONEs should all know what that means…. its almost Sooyoung’s birthday!!!! *applause* In just 2 days, ‘the crazy one’ will be turning 21 (22 in Korean age) and as is tradition here at snsdkorean, here comes birthday post 1 of 3! 🙂  Hit the jump for more ~ [warning: major video spammage]

Now I’ll be completely honest with you all. When I first came across SNSD, I was NOT a fan (bordering on ‘anti’ even). :S Cut the long story short, it was this clip that started changing my initial perception of SNSD.

(still cracks me up) ^_^

Back to the title of this post, yes, Soo is ‘THE crazy one’ and I will stand by that. There is no doubt that SNSD are in reality a bunch of crazy/loveable dorks, BUT… throwing away her ‘pristine So Nyuh’ image at almost every opportunity she gets … Soo still reigns supreme. 🙂 Proof?… Its coming… but first…

The following content may result in permanent psychological damage from the overload of awesomeness that is Choi Sooyoung. Physical damage such as back pains, aching jaws, dry tear ducts, red hands and sore throats may also occur due to excessive laughter. snsdkorean does not take any responsibility whatsoever should any of the above occur. YOU READ/WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Oh gawd i’m so lame.


Now that we’ve seen the ‘weird aegyo’… … we want morreeeeeee!!! *coughs*


How about some ‘weird expressions’?

*sigh* I wish she would mind her image more…. NOT 😛 *thumbs up*


You should all know about Sooyoung’s pterodactyl fan by now…

but with this…


and this…

who can blame her? If I were there I would totally scream louder. =.=


While we are on the topic of screaming…. Sooyoung is totally win. 😛


Also, Soo is not only an amazingly talented singer…

and rapper…

but also an amazing kkab dancer…

No matter how hard she tries Soo eventually can’t resist ‘breakin it down on da dance floor’. LOL


Acting? Soo’s got it down pat. 🙂


Sooyoung also a’int called Shikshin/Piggy for nothing…


Also remember not to go against Sooyoung in a verbal fight…


Even her sleeping habits are…. …. … =.=”


Sooyoung’s engrish english is 1st class.


Lastly… just because I could not find a proper reason to post these but I wanted to anyway 😛

Favourite SNSD CF to date… Shikshin simply shines… she’s definitely in her element right there. ^_^


Now even as Soo turns a year older… she will forever remain the crazy/hyper/dorky Happy Princess to us SONEs. After watching all those clips, don’t you agree? 🙂

There it is, to the crazy one… Happy Birthday! 생일축하합니다! 生日快乐! 誕生日おめでとう! (in advance…)


Remember… this is only post 1 of 3, theres much, much more coming your way! SO BE EXCITED! RAWR! 🙂


Written by: MintChoc@snsdkorean

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