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About a week ago, YoonTae were spotted out and about, doing what the girls’ do best on their days off… SHOP!

One of the places that the kid leader and her elementary school kid friend stopped by at was NaNa’s piercing store, a personal favorite of the girls.

An account from NaNa’s blog revealed:

On the snowy Sunday I was resting at home…
Ah… but Taeyeon and Yoona stopped by the shop.
Woori Taeyeonee..
She really loves the rabbit
She wanted the playboy pink colored one
but said couldn’t do the rabbit again and was sad..
So she chose these cute rabbits.
Black and red.. two each

Crowns fitting for sonyuhs..

Zebra mirrorballs eagerly recommended by unnie Kang.. Ah how pretty it will be when Taeyeon wears them..
I think she will come out soon with them on!

And pill mirrorballs too… gather them up one by one and… she purchased quite a few as seen here.

The ones purchased by Yoona are these lovely ribbon earrings..
She likes clean ones that don’t stand out too much whitish very gentle style ones..
That’s why we unnies are frustrated… we want to get her many different pretty ones..
Ah… Yoonayah… keke

This cube chunjooran piercings were made from luxury materials by Nana
And to thank for the purchases and the surprise visit
we gave them as presents..
Please come out wearing them they cost a million kekeke… Taeyeon whispered “This costs a million”…to Yoona it was really cute.. keke

Maybe I talked about these too much when they haven’t even worn them yet..
But it could be a nice update for fans.

And apparently, the day before the 20th Seoul Music Awards, the girls enjoyed a 15-person full course meal together, even though the reservation at the restaurant was only made for nine people! Well, what can I say, the girls do love to eat…

An account from a staff member at the restaurant:

Heol Daebak kekekekekeke It’s really SNSD kekekekekeke
Is the counter manager crazy kekekekeke Why is he spiffing up his attire… So funny kekekeke
The reservation is for nine seats but why did they order food for 15 people…?? We have enough seats but keke why not bring along Shinee…
No way they would eat all that… it’s a full course set… some others must be coming kekeke The restless manager is annoying me but I’m curious too… I’ll see later TT

(SNSD arrives)
Oh my they are loud… they are hitting the table with forks what is that for….
Yoona is not here yet.. but they are really loud TT The next room has vip guests would it be ok…
Kekekekekeke … I closed the door since it’s a private room but all the talking can be heard TT And in multiple ensembles too TT So loud.. but they are really pretty

(Yoona arrives)
… Goddesss!!!!!!
Goddess has come to our restaurant…
Oh my so loud in there TT TT I ushered Yoona to the room and they were making the word Sonyuh Shidae on the table with asparagus… I think these girls are strange…
Whaaat kekekekeke when I told them it’s SNSD the guests in the next room asked me to get their autographs… They make me do all the work

(SNSD leaves)
This is the table where a hurricane just swept over…
They just left… I’m closing up… They are like mischievous boys TT Even more so than guests with children TT
… Kekekeke But the girls were real nice… They were ready to give autographs to everyone… The guests from the next room got autographs on their iPads

Awww… How I love these GIRLS! Off to play with some asparagus.

Credit: silent_scream@soompi, silis7noy2@soompi (translation)

Written by: mikechi@snsdkorean