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Update: Added Yoona and Jessica!

As briefly mentioned in a post earlier about Taeng’s occasional early morning visits to the little shop NaNa, more pictures and comments from the shop have surfaced the internet~

Taeng umma's new Earring!

They came.. they are so diligent.
Came so early.
I didn’t even get to see their faces.

So people who love Taeyeon call her Taengoo. Taengoo.. that’s cute.
She had pierced many before… and today
she came to pierce another.
Her right ear a little above the middle.
Our chic Kang unnie aka Nana unnie did the job.
She said she hasn’t done it in a while so she’s a bit nervous.


Not only Taeng, but Sunny, Yuri, and Seohyun’s messages are also in the shop. Comments on each member by the shop were made, talking about Yuri’s fear of piercings, Sunny not buying rings, and Seohyun contemplating about ear piercing!

We sonyuhs are gonna stop by often ^-^*
SNSD “Yuri”

Ahhhng Yuri..

Great onscreen looks coming out the most pretty onscreen Yuri who is beautiful in real person. Yuri who is so scared of piercing her ears.

Yuri who always only uses *mirrorballs on her ears.

Yuri who made the inner stand out with an earing this time.

You should change to a piercing Yuriyah~

I’ll do it gently it won’t hurt… Really~

(*mirrorball : The original hangul said ‘mirabol’ so I assumed it would be mirrorball but I’m not sure, if not someone correct me)

May your business prosper >w<
SNSD Sunny

Ah.. Sunny

She is so cheerful going around shouting sonyuh sonyuh.

One who likes rings

She said, Shall I buy a ring? But then said that everytime they wear rings people make rumors so with a sigh she just bought earrings.

Why do people make these rumors..
The girls often buy friendship rings for themselves..
I should post all of them up some day.

The two versions of Soshi rings.

Thank you~!
SNSD “Seohyun”

Seohyun whose beauty is developing exceptionally each day

Lately she was contemplating whether or not to pierce her ears
but saying fans might not want it.
it must be protected or something like that.

As if piercing her ear is some big crime.. keke
She left after contemplating like that

The ones who contemplate like that always come back and do the work in the end.. that’s what I think.

Come any time.
Just come and Nana always welcomes sonyuhs.


Her face is notably small.

When people see her in real life they see it… everyone saying how pretty she is.

Hyoyeon the only one among members who did the rook piercing.

She chooses mirrorballs each time

It must be the prettiest for her.

Pretty Yoona
Without a doubt a beauty

Quite coy on first impression but in the end the beauty Yoona.

Yoona came two months ago with her sister and got her ear pierced..

Everytime she comes she gets the little cross necklace..
One time she picked the same one I was wearing
I joked to her Omo Yoona you and I are a couple? Kekeke
I put mine away temporarily so she can keep her style

Later she came back again after losing it.

Yoona who likes small sparkling things.

During FO2 Taecyeon came to buy some necklaces..
I’m his fan.. I missed him.. TT TT

I think it was around Yoona’s birthday and later in the news article.. that’s what it said.

He said he’s buying it for his teammate. We asked him who and he said we will know by watching the show.

But we missed the show.

SNSD Jessica!
It’s purrty~ ^^

Ah.. Jessica..
I don’t have much memories with her together.

She’s one member who does not come in often.

I remember her asking me if the star little cubic earring she bought was pretty on her..

Jessica.. you are prettier!

Two sets of soshi rings! <33 Don’t worry Sunny, we won’t misunderstand if we see you and Taeng with the same rings.. because SooSun is REAL! It’s a shame Sunkyu doesn’t wear rings more often because of how rumors spread. =/

And talk about lucky~ NaNa is close to the SM building, so apparently the girls visit quite frequently. Being the shop that gets to say ‘we sell the earrings that Girls’ Generation wear and pierce their ears!’ must be quite good for business. Of course, the true blessings are the visits that the shop gets from above. But.. do they sell halos?


cr; silis7noy2@soompi for translations, pds18 + pds20 @egloos for pictures, blog.naver.com/ap9maxnana
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