Forget Leeteuk-Taeyeon couple jewelry, it’s Soshi friendship rings that matter!

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From the blog of NaNa‘s shop, more about he girls’ rings have been posted:

The SNSD ring

The girls’ ring.. The girls’ friendship ring.

SNSD members all got this ring together.

It’s called the Soshi Ring here and it’s sold out.

Silver heart shapes connected by tails going overall around.

However you wear it it goes well with anything a one cute ring


Season 1~

Season 2~

What do you think? Personally, I think Tiffany and Taeyeon had them as couple rings first, but Sunny got one to match Tae, and Yuri got jealous of Tae so she got one too. Then of course Yoona got one to match Yuri’s and Seobaby followed Yoong. Jessica bought the same one to keep Yulsic alive. Pretty soon Sooyoung got one because it looked yummy, and Hyoyeon obviously got one too bc we all know she’s bff w/ Sooyoung.

Cr: Silis @ Soompi, naver; greeentee