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After their stunning arrival at the red-carpets earlier in the night, SNSD lived up the 20th Seoul Music Awards in true SoShi style; standing from their seats to dance and hardcore fangirling over other artists’ performances. As expected, our girls also raked in some awards and topped off a fantastic night with some super performances.

SNSD’s first award of the night: Special Hallyu Award

Second Award: Popularity Award (Inkisang)

Third Award: Bonsang

Run Devil Run & Hoot

Final Award: Daesang (grand prize)

Yoona: First I want to thank the Sonyeo’s parents. [thanks SMe Executives] thank you so much. And SONE, thank you so so much.

Seohyun: For our manager oppas who work hard for us, [Manager names], you go through so much trouble for us, thank you so much. And to the people who love our music, our fans, SONE, I think we find joy in our activities because you give us these great awards.

And unnies, my SNSD member unnies, I love you so much. And SNSD’s parents, thank you for bringing us into the world.

Yuri: I am thankful for the members. I think we could only get this award because we worked hard in 2010. Truthfully, I think it’s all thanks to the staff behind us, who go so much trouble for us more than us.

We’re so thankful, and finally, our parents, thank you so much. And we love you SONE!

Fany: Taeyeon wants me to say something in English, but first, I want to thank Father God. And not just to the fans here, “Thank you to all the fans who supported us throughout, all over the world. Thank you so much and we’d be nothing without you.” We’ll continue to be a hard working SNSD.

Our crying Sooyoung, please give us a short acceptance speech

Sooyoung: Thank you Father God. I wonder if a day like this will ever come again. Since it’s our occupation, our job, it’s obvious that we should work hard… I want to thank the fans who even thank us for thinking that this is obvious.

And… SNSD did not just appear [or happen easily]. It was because of our nine members’ efforts and thanks to the many staff with us. We will keep working even harder in the future and we will forever remain humble as SNSD. Thank you.

Thank you for giving us such a great start to 2011. For all the SONE who worked so hard to vote for us, thank you so much.

All the fans who love SNSD and our singer colleagues so much, we truly thank you! We’ll continue to be a hard-working SNSD.

Fany: And lastly, our Sunny will…

Sunny: [Giggles] Yes, thank you to our parents! And SONE! Thank you! Thank you!

Fany: Jeshika! Say your acceptance speech! Only Jessica didn’t get to say anything!

Seohyun(?): Tell us how you feel to win the Daesang!

Yes, I… thank you to all the SONE, and-

Other SNSD members: 지금은 소녀시대! 앞으로도 소녀시대, 영원히 소녀시대!

Once again, our girls showed their strength and won the night’s best award. This is their second year in a row, making them the first in 10 years to do so. CONGRATUUULATIONNNNSSS~
Celebrate SONEs! Our girls just don’t stop making history!

All in all, it was a great and fun night! The 19th and 20th Seoul Music Awards all shaped up to be fantastic nights…Let’s look forward to the 21st! 😀

(Also, if you’re able to find a link, you might be interested in watching the entire show. It’s worth it just to see SNSD using the entire front row of seats as their personal party-space during the night. XD They were so dorky and lively; it was adorable.)

omgomgomg… Kim Jang Hoon hugged Taengoo!! 6:34 of vid 😛 – MintChoc

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