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Yes! At least according to “Death Note” Director, Shusuke Kaneko. Kaneko tweeted on January 25th: “Although I’m saying this while I’m drunk, SNSD is the best idol group in the past 50 years (among singers)”. LOL! They say people are honest when they’re drunk. Obviously they’re right 😀

All my biases aside, this wasn’t Kaneko’s first mention about SNSD. Last year, after SNSD’s Tokyo showcase, he wrote, “I was stunned by SNSD’s stage performance. They were overflowing with charm on stage.” On January 19th, he tweeted, “I managed to watch the full version PV for SNSD’s new song ‘Visual Dream’. It’s advanced. Aren’t they going to release a Japanese version PV for ‘Run Devil Run’?”

Lucky for the famous director, SM did release a Japanese version of the hit single. Even before then, Kaneko had been using as his Twitter avatar a picture of the girls in Hanboks (now it’s a picture of the girls during “Honey” promos), and described himself as a “SNSD fan, Film Director”, clearly showing his love for Soshi.

He also showed his KARA fanboy side as well, tweeting on January 20th: “I have no idea but Kara seems to be in a serious situation” [Regarding Kara’s possible break from their company DSP].

Recently, our friends over at Fanwonder asked Kaneko several questions via Twitter. When asked to rate the girls from 1 to 10, Kaneko gave a near perfect score of 9! 1 point for each girl heheh. He seemed less sure on his favorite member though, avoiding the who’s-your-fave question with “I don’t want to decide that”. Kaneko finished off nicely with a line from “Oh!

Source: fanwonder.com