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[UPDATE #1] ADDED “The 1st Asia Tour: Into The New World” POSTER

YESH! It’s the moment we, SONES, have all been waiting for.  The “Girls’ Generation Live Album: The 1st Asia Tour: Into The New World” (which consists of 36 tracks  + 2 bonus tracks) has finally been released and daymnnnnnnnnnn, can the album look any prettier?

Update #3: Thanks to the Unofficial (but still reliable) ‘So Nyeo Shi Dae Official’ channel on YT you now have the option of previewing the ENTIRE ALBUM!!!!!!! Yep, that’s right – THE E N T I R E ALBUM 😀 Just follow this link: 1st Asia Tour ITNW Preview. Now 1,2 step on over and baby baby you’ll feel like singin’ in the rain…in which case you may need an umbrella ^^ Hahaha! Alright, I’m done being lame (who am I kidding, I’m never done) so I suggest you check out these tracks ‘cuz they’re amajjang 😉

*apparently the preview for Over the Rainbow and Chocolate Love hasn’t been uploaded yet <__<

According to Chichinhu @ twitter,

Today CD Live album concert has sold 51** copies [already!]

It’s so pinkalicious and I LOVE IT!

The album comes with 2 CDs with the following tracks:

01. Nine Angels
02. Tell Me Your Wish (Remix version)
03. Show! Show! Show!
04. Girls’ Generation
05. Beginning
06. It’s Fantastic
07. Etude
08. Ooh La-La!
09. Kissing You
10. One Year Later (Jessica & Onew)
11. Introduce Me A Good Person (Yoona)
12. Sunny (Sunny)
13. Umbrella (Tiffany)
14. Hush Hush (Taeyeon)
15. Chocolate Love
16. Honey
17. Dear. Mom
18. Forever

01. Day By Day
02. My Child
03. Barbie Girl (Jessica)
04. Santa Baby (Sooyoung)
05. Label: Suite “mirror” Article 4 “the morning song of a Clown”(?) (Seohyun)
06. Sixteen Going On Seventeen (Seohyun)
07. Over The Rainbow
08. 1,2 Step (Yuri)
09. Into The New World
10. Be Happy
11. Way To Go
12. Gee
13. Touch The Sky
14. NaengMyeon
15. HaHaHa
16. Complete
17. Baby Baby
18. Oh!
19. (Bonus Track) Beautiful Girls (Feat. Yoo Young Jin)
20. (Bonus Track) Singin ‘In The Rain (Studio version)


For those asking where to order/purchase a copy of the album, according to Soshi Catalogue:


USD $19.155/$6.82 shipping @ www.dvdheaven.com (tubed poster inc.)
USD $15.625/$6.82 shipping @ www.dvdheaven.com (no poster)
USD $17.99/free shipping @ www.yesasia.com (no poster)
KRW ₩16,000 (~USD $14.32 by Gmarket rates) @ english.gmarket.co.kr (poster included, and a photocard) Shipping is dependent on where you live. See the Gmarket Guide for more details.
1,890 yen (tax inc.), ~USD $22.80 @ www.amazon.co.jp (no poster)
1,800 yen (tax inc.), ~USD $20.68 @ www.cdjapan.co.jp (no poster)
2,116 yen (tax inc.), ~USD $25.52 @ www.hmv.co.jp (no poster)
2,100 yen (tax inc.), ~USD $25.33 @ rakuten.co.jp (no poster)
1,869 yen (tax inc.), ~USD $22.54 @ www.shinseido.co.jp (no poster)

USD $16.90 (no poster)/$17.90 (folded poster)/$21.90 (tubed poster)/$5.90 shipping @ 19522430 (4 sticker sheets inc.)
USD $17.90 (folded poster)/$21.90 (tubed poster)/$5.90 shipping @ 19522430 (9 unofficial Oh! photocards inc.)
USD $25.99/$2.99 shipping @ ajoutool (tubed poster inc.)
USD $19.99/$2.99 shipping @ ajoutool (no poster)
USD $17.99/$9.99 shipping @ grapemusiccd (tubed poster inc.)
USD $17.99/$5.99 shipping @ grapemusiccd (folded poster inc.)
USD $19.99/$5.49 shipping (folded poster)/$8.69 shipping (tubed poster) @ ho_grays
USD $17.90/$5.90 shipping @ kpopcity (tubed/folded poster inc. & 3 photocards)
USD $25.99/$2.99 shipping @ silvercoldmetal (tubed poster inc.)
USD $19.99/$2.99 shipping @ silvercoldmetal (no poster)
USD $19.99/$6.59 shipping @ sonata_uk (tubed poster inc.)
USD $19.99/$4.59 shipping @ sonata_uk (folded poster inc.)


(On YesAsia, the albums are not yet in stock. It is said to be ‘released’ on Janunary 3rd, 2011. I don’t know what’s up with that.)

I can’t wait to get a copy of this baybay~

(NOTE: Post will be updated when more pictures/goodies are added. Please remember to check back!)

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