Thank you to everyone that participated in the SNSDKorean 3rd Anniversary Prize Giveaway! We appreciate the massive amounts of support you guys have given us and unfortunately, we couldn’t give it to all of you guys 😦 Please click “Read More” to see the list of winners and what exactly were those scavenger hunt clues leading you all to!

For the ITNW Live Concert CD+Poster, we chose three winners out of the 170+ commenters that followed our rules exactly and gave us some amajjin reasons why they love snsdkorean and why they should win! Thank you to EVERYONE that participated, we really appreciated the amazing responses.

The winners were:

For the two photobooks, one of them went to the person that wrote the most creative, well thought out, interesting (and so on and so forth) article! That was RagingXL πŸ™‚

The other photobook was for the winner of the scavenger hunt. We had a total of 16 correct responses and out of the 16 a random drawing was done. That went to Karen!

The correct answers to the scavenger hunt were: (A picture of Mustache Taengoo next to Hyoyeon. That’s why one of our clues was Obama with a fake mustache LOL) (In blue, Soshi and SONEs we are the truth of the world…hmm why all this blue? Our twitter bg…now this….) (Our very own SNSDKorean logo) (And a picture of Justin Bieber since Taengoo wanted a duet with him and the picture wasn’t NOT manipulated as one of our clues stated and the picture was placed in a very special post of ours!)

Once again, congratulations to the winners (please check your emails asap!) and thank you to each and every one of you for participating. We have more things coming your way for our anniversary on the 27th!