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Only one day since the Sweet Potato couple uploaded their “Banmal Song” video to their Youtube channel, it’s already listed as #1 on Youtube Charts’ Top Favorited, Most Liked, and Most Discussed video worldwide.

That’s what we called the Power of Gogumas from all over the world. Here’s the screen caps of the Youtube charts:
Top Favorited Worldwide

Most Liked Worldwide

Most Discussed Worldwideo

I love the song and I hope they will release the studio version or better yet, perform it live on Music Core or MBC Gayo Daejun! Watch the “Banmal Song” video below, if you haven’t. :p

cr; sweetpotato4339@youtube

And yes, the Youtube channel is the “official” channel for Sweet Potato/YongSeo couple. If you’re wondering what’s with the numbers 4339… apparently, the number 4 represents four members of CN Blue; 33 means ‘love; and 9, of course, represents the 9 members of SNSD. So 4339 means “CN Blue loves SNSD”… or something. XD



credits; Chichinhu@twitter, sweetpotato4339@youtube, my.yonghwa.baby@soompi