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omg… forgive me for the lame pun. =.= *bows in apology*

With all of SNSD’s success lately… poor writers like me find it extremely hard to come up with creative not lame titles. *sniffles* 🙂 If you’ve noticed, this blog has been spamming a lot of posts on Soshi related achievements… too much for us too handle Which is GOOD! Just forgive us for flooding your inbox’s with Soshi related goodness. Comes with being a SONE I guess…. xD

Anyways… back to reality. SNSD‘s ‘Oh!‘ has been selected as the most popular song which received the most love in 2010 on online music site, Monkey 3!.  *applause*

The ‘2010 Monkey 3 best song 30’ was selected based on several factors…

-The number of downloads and online streaming from January 1st to December 10th (90%)
-Monkey 3 user votes (10%)

From these criteria, SNSD was crowned the champion with their hit song, ‘Oh!’, which recorded an ‘all-kill’ on various music charts as soon as it was released! ‘Oh!’ also took the no.1 spot for the first half of 2010 on these charts, including ‘Monkey 3’.

Dominating charts upon release, SNSD has definitely stood out as the most popular singers of the year with hits, ‘Oh!’, ‘Run Devil Run’ and ‘Hoot!’.

Source: morningnews.co.kr, fanwonder.com

By: MintChoc@snsdkorean