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[Update] It appears that the ‘Banmal Song’ may not be released officially after all! 😦 On January 5th, CN BLUE’s agency told Newsen,

There will not be a duet. Even if CN BLUE plan to release it as their own song, the part of the lyrics Seohyun composed will not be included.

With SNSD & CN Blue‘ s many activities, a duet may actually be impossible at the moment, despite speculations regarding its potential release on various sites.

** This is actually comes at a shock because the ‘Banmal Song”s release was pretty much confirmed. Information regarding the ‘Banmal Song”s release will be updated when available. 😦

The title says it all, and if you’ve been following the YongSeo/Sweet Potato/Goguma couple on ‘We Got Married‘, you would probably be as excited as I am. ^_^ *flails arms*

With the “Banmal Song‘ MV/clip’s release on Youtube, to it’s success on the internet, it has been confirmed by soribada that the song will be released as a digital single on the 14th of January!

After all the effort the couple put into their song, I’m sure the single will do amazingly well on music charts. ^_^

Spazz worthy YongSeo picture…. (snippet from upcoming episode)

dreadtech: The upcoming episode has been revealed, Yongseo traveling to Busan to meet…..(drum roll)……Yonghwa’s MOTHER!!!! will Yong Hwa’s mother approve of Seobaby? or will Seobaby’s uptight nature get the better of them all? FIND OUT ON THE NEXT EPISODE OF W-G-M!!!


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