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Can you figure it out? I’ll give you a hint. If you know Linda Chung or TVB series, you might know who this is holding SNSD’s “Run Devil Run” repackaged album.

It’s none other than Kate Tsui.

Like Linda Chung, she is also a well-known TVB (Television Broadcasts Limited; major HK television station known for tv series) actress. Particularly, Kate Tsui known for her roles in “The Price of Greed”, “The Brink of Law”, “On The First Beat”, “Steps”, “Moonlight Resonance”, “The High Inner Eye Lover/Don Juan DeMercado”.

Here is a clip of her acting in the TVB series, “Steps”.

I’m not going to lie; I’m surprised that she also has one of SNSD’s album. Another SONE? I think it’s ironic that Linda Chung and her both have SNSD’s albums and they both acted together before in the TVB series, “Moonlight Resonance”.

Source: KeatWeeLim@Blogspot + Asianfanatics.net + gamevn2@YouTube

Written by: ferrerorocher9@SNSDKorean.com