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That’s right, it’s the return of the mushroom!

The complete nine. Notice the change in the ending pose? ❤

After resting for a month from her knee injury, Tiffany finally makes a comeback to complete the power of nine. The nine girls performed ‘Gee’ on this morning Mezamashi TV and Tiffany started the song’s intro by adorably said, “Good morning, Japan! Happy holidays.” As you can see on the screencap above, the choreography is altered a bit so that Tiffany doesn’t have to kneel down on the ending pose.

The girls were also interviewed and apparently Tiffany speaks good Japanese, which means she has been studying hard during her one month hiatus.

Here’s what Tiffany said:

「たくさんの応援のおかげで早く元気になりました。ありがとうございます。日本語の勉強をしたり、歌の練習をしたり、自分をもう一度見つめ直すいい時間に なりました。舞台に早く立ちたかったです。これからも元気にがんばります。応援よろしくお願いします。」

“Thanks to lots of love and encouragement from all of you, I was able to recover quickly. I really appreciate it. While I was away from stage, I spent time studying Japanese and practicing singing. It was a good opportunity for me to think about myself again. I wanted to come back to stage fast. I will work hard and lively as before. I ask you to give us steady love and support.”

translation credits; hiros2008@twitter

the Nine :")

*throws confetti* Let’s celebrate the return of our mushroom! \o/


credits; sean9999jp@youtube, sat0dai89@twitter, hiros2008@twitter