A pretty funny and interesting thing we have here 😛

It’s supposed to be Google for Japan but you get what i mean.

How many times have you searched “SNSD” on Google? More importantly, how many people out there have done so? We all know that the Girls’ are not only Korean idols, but also have millions of fans out there around the world. They are global artists with lots of talent, charming personalities and strong hearts. However their popularity in Japan, in particular ever since their heavy promotions, has been evident through many forms of media – polls, awards, chart rankings, youtube views etc you name it. The list is endless.

Here’s another thing to add to the ongoing list.

On  December 10th, Japan Google revealed the most popular key word searches for the year. And alongside the many key words that made it into top 10…’SNSD’ was ranked eighth in the “Sudden Rise Keyword” category – which shows the keywoards that  have been dramatically increasingly typed in comparison to the previous year. Here’s the full list of rankings:

In the “Sudden Rise Keyword” category:

#1 iPad
#2 Xperia
#3 Rakuten Bank
#4 GEGEGE no Nyoubou
#5 AKB General Election
#6 Justin Bieber
#7 Nico Nico Douga

Credits: Kanki @ Soshified

By: Annabananaz@ snsdkorean