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This week SNSD took over the Golden Disk Award’s biggest awards, and in the next couple of days will have the opportunity to do so again at the 2010 Melon Music Awards.

Remember last year? The girls won 6-FREAKING-AWARDS:

2009 Artist Award

2009 Song Award

2009 Smart Radio Award

2009 Mobile Music Award

2009 Odyssey Award

2009 Top 10 Award

Who could forget that?!

OR this for that matter:

(Yes, I’m shamelessly plugging my OTP in here because I miss blonde Jessi and the Mushroom. GIVE ME BACK MY MUSHROOM SME or the Maknae gets it.)

Right now they are currently dominating online in the following categories:

2010 Artists’ Award

2010 Music Video Award

2010 Album Award

2010 Hot Trend Award

2010 T-World Best Song

Check out the awards on December 15th live at Hall of Peace, Kyunghee University, MBC Drama Net, MBC Life, MBC Game and MBC Everyone. For the rest of the world, check it streamed on Melon.com.

For every award SNSD wins, Boss Lady has agreed to do 9 pushups in a Youtube video recording. AND to top it off, if SNSD takes ’em ALL –every reader on the blog gets FREE Goobne Chicken and Domino’s Pizza. (kthx for volunteering Cinday)


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