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Updated with translation!

Soon after the release of a new UFO Star Call from Seohyun,we have Sooyoung up next!

Hi, I’m SNSD’s Sooyoung. Nice to meet you, everyone.
It’s been a long time, isn’t it?
We are working very hard for our activities in Japan.
I’m thankful for all your support and the strength you’ve given me.
The Fall season is the time to read.
So, that is me, Sooyoung! I’ve some books that I’d like to recommend!
I want to make it really fun and enjoyable to share about the book with our fans…ha ha
Oh, the book that i want to recommend is entitled “neun uro huimangeul ssuda”.
It was written by Park Sungil who is suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease.
This book talks about life and survival.
During the Fall season, I really need this book
when i’m alone, the time seems to get longer
I always read books while travelling in a plane.
I hope everyone will enjoy reading as much as I do.
SONE fighting! SNSD fighting too!

She’s looking as cheerful and adorable as always.

She was also spotted with heavy eyebags just like Seobaby,perhaps it’s just the quality of the call which causes it?

Credits : Bestiz.net & kjw6676@Youtube, trans: fanwonder.