[Updated with full translation!]

Following the heartwarming post on Sooyoung,she had also left us a recent video message on Star Call.
She spoke about the pros and cons of having long legs, feeling apologetic for Sunny and Taeyeon while talking about it.
Check out the video as follows.

Full translation:

Hello everybody, this is Sooyoung~ It’s great to see you guys. And today, again, I gave everybody a starcall~ Happy? hehe…The reason for this starcall is that I want to talk about my height, my long legs…the pro and con of being a tall kid. Thank you very much for giving me the “Tall kid” nickname so first of all, the pro is that I’m alive because I get to breathe the fresh air and even if I did not wear any shoes, I still can get to breathe the fresh air~ hehe~ Woori Taeyeon and Sunny, so sorry about that~ And the con is that when I’m dancing on the stage, it would look very un-natural because of my height and thus this is one of my concerns. So that’s all~ I will continue to work hard untill I can get to dance naturally on the stage~ Everybody please do drink more milk and to grow taller~ Bye, Saranghaeyo!!~

Credit : iheartsooyoung@Youtube
Translation : KissMez@Twitter; _shikshin@twitter